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In quantum mechanics, quantum logic is a set of rules for reasoning about propositions that takes the principles of quantum theory into account. QTL first introduces a concurrent quantum programming model to characterize the behavior of the most general reactive We define a quantum temporal logic, QTL, for the specification of the concurrent quantum programs. 2 Exogenous Quantum Propositional Logic We discuss here brie y the restricted state logic, dEQPLas introduced in [4]. Particular stress is placed on properties of the space of decoherence functionals, … Investigation of the relationship between quantum finite automata and linear temporal logic is a natural goal. The relationship between theory of automata and logic had a great influence in the computer science. ABSTRACT: We define a quantum temporal logic, QTL, for the specification of the concurrent quantum programs. One can try to "save" it by slapping temporal labels on sentences and adding something like "at the same time", this is similar to the idea of quantum logic, it is called temporal logic, there is a great variety of them, and they are A Computational Temporal Logic for Superconducting Accelerators Georgios Tzimpragos UC Santa Barbara gtzimpragos@cs.ucsb.edu Dilip Vasudevan Lawrence Berkeley National Lab dilipv@lbl.gov Nestan Tsiskaridze UC Santa We pro- … and a model-checking algorithm to quantum linear temporal logic (QLTL). The logic is designed around the The recent suggestion that a temporal form of quantum logic provides the natural mathematical framework within which to discuss the proposal by Gell-Mann and Hartle for a generalized form of quantum theory based on the ideas of histories and decoherence functionals is analyzed and developed herein. Linear temporal logic is a widely used method for verification of model checking and expressing the system specifications. In this chapter we extend Exogenous Quantum Propositional Logic with temporal modalities, considering both linear and branching time.

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