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Dark Souls III: Undead Settlement - Route to Boss and Shortcut to Boss - Duration: 6:26. He’ll be hesitant to attack on his own, but if you take the initiative he’ll reluctantly follow and add his skills to yours. There's a secret way to join the moundmakers covenant early. If you want to bridge the gap between the two paths, consider entering the sewers to the right of the small bridge. Capitalize on this by pressing the attack as they try to rebuild - just don’t get caught with multiple opponents. To find the Covenant, start at the Undead Settlement bonfire, and walk past the rooftops with the Hollow Slaves on them. She’s guarding a corpse with a Titanite Shard up on the overpass. Occasionally it may try and lunge for you over a long distance, but for the most part it will alternate stamping its feet or hands if it knows you are close, or suddenly shifting to one side, dragging its appendages across the ground in hopes that it will hit you. If her friends are with her, consider retreating to the building, as she’ll move much faster and outpace the other villagers. Carefully contend with the outer layer first, and try not to get overwhelmed. If you have the guts, you can try jumping down, but it’s easier to find the key over where the Giant Archer is shooting his arrows. If you’re prepared for a new kind of fight, head through the next building and down the stairs. To nab it early, head to the Undead Settlement bonfire and head through the house filled with thralls. They may not be the most imposing enemies, but they can certainly dish out damage if you aren’t careful - often with superior reach using pitchforks and long blades. Look up at the corpses hanging from the rooftops to spy a corpse holding an item, and shoot it down to get the, Now enter the small sewer on the left, and you’ll find a single rat. There’s a small patch of land on the other side of the building, where a single Butcher seems to be patrolling….with a cage on his back. There’s an open building on the right just as you start heading down that’s a good place to take cover. At a distance, the Evangelist will most likely start uttering curses like Gnaw, and sending them your way - if they hit, be prepared to bleed. Now head into the smaller canyon towards where the woman is being held - but be sure to look up for a dangling corpse you can snipe that drops a special Blessed Red and White Shield+1! This man, Siegward of Catarina, has also been looking for the bowman, but can’t seem to get to the top, as the elevator only goes down. It looks like it's seen better days… or maybe it was always a haven for torture and death. The cemetery is under the watch of the giant archer, and traversing it will prove dangerous w… There’s also another corpse on the left where the exploding barrels were, that contains a Soul of an Unknown Traveler. I’m sure he won’t mind if we keep it. It scoots about on its rear, and will constantly try and turn to face you - but your mobility is the key. Alright! Two of them to the right are alive, which you can see by their slightly moving legs. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. The Undead Settlement is a rather lengthy area filled with dangerous enemies. It may come in handy later. This Covenant is split up into two parts. The Curse-rotted Greatwood looks a bit silly, but is nothing to laugh at. Although Curse-Rotted Greatwood boss fight is optional, you shouldn't miss it (for great weapon rewards later on) : We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. On the tower rampart, look around the back for a corpse with 2 Homeward Bone. The bridge leading to a sewer door is locked on this side, and the other path takes you into some lethal territory - unless you know how to make the right friends. He’s a tough fight, and you might not survive it. First, to join, you must find the token. When she’s taken care of, return to the tree and finish off the villagers, and grab an Estus Shard at the foot of the tree. This will lead down a ladder into the sewers that contains a few small rats, a body holding a Caestus - and one very large rat hiding in the mist who will drop a Bloodbite Ring. Once the area is clear, start picking up all the wonderful items like an Ember and 3 Young White Branch near the tree, with a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse behind it, and a Reinforced Club next to the tree. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License He may look comical, but the weapon can deal a lot of damage, and cause you to bleed if you aren’t careful. You’ll need to lure the ones on the ground out of sight of the blowguns, before carefully making your way to the buildings. Now be sure to loot the corpse on the torture device on the left to get a Soul of an Unknown Traveler. Try standing just below her with enough space to look up and fight, and she’ll often be unable to sling a curse back at you. The silver lining in this attack is that it leaves her wide open, letting you stroll around behind and deliver a nice backstab. Look out for the Titanite Shard on a corpse as you cross to the left entrance. Outside of the graves, you’ll be in the ravine below where the three butchers were. Before you run over to the corpse holding 2 Charcoal Pine Resin on the far wall, take note of the gibbet full of corpses to the right of it. From the open building, go left instead into the mass of gravestones and look for a small shack to find a full set of Cleric Armor, including a Blue Wooden Shield, Cleric Hat, Cleric Blue Robe, Cleric Gloves, and Cleric Trousers. Here you’ll see a Thrall lying in wait behind a column, ready to jump down were you to take the other stairs. Every covenant item is dropped by enemies in-game, to make sure people like you can actually get covenant ranks without having to play online. This room the hounds were in has not one but four Corpses Piles hanging around, so don’t get caught unaware when trying to loot the chest that contains 4 Human Pine Resin. Down among the crumbled ground, make the jump across to grab an Undead Bone Shard. Speaking of which, let’s see if we can get him to stop. Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough and Guide for Dark Souls 3, continuing with the Undead Settlement. Back at the small bridge leading to the tower, three very angry Butchers are all waiting on the other side holding large bowls of guts. Look around and you’ll spot a platform midway you can hop onto. Dark Souls III once again gives gamers the trademark sword and sorcery combat and rewarding action RPG gameplay. Be sure to look for a body holding an Ember behind one of the trees on the right. You’ll know you’re scoring the right hits when blood will spurt out instead of the usual tree bark. - like the Grave Key to the woman that the armored knight Eygon is guarding. Head to the Undead Settlement bonfire. As you enter the large open area, stick to the building’s walls to sneak around the side, and when you're close - but not too close, toss a firebomb at the barrels to take out the three closest villagers instantly, keep moving to the other side and do the same for two more villagers in the other corner, leaving just four more on the outer rim, and three around the tree. As it turns out, the Butcher won’t attack you, and standing behind him will prompt you to interact, letting you hop into the Butcher’s cage. So... Should I do anything before killing curse rotted greatwood? To solve his predicament, step on the elevator but hop off before it goes down to get the upper elevator. As for the Evangelist, unless she accidentally falls down, you’ll either need to run to the other side of the overpass and look for a ladder on the left to engage her in a small space… or take potshots at her with a ranged weapon while she’s unable to attack back. Interestingly enough, this pit doubles as the shrine for the Mound-makers covenant. Skeletons will begin to form from the bones, and deal impressive damage - but can be staggered easily and will fall apart. Before moving down, check out the other side of the rampart you are on to find a corpse holding a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse. Be warned as you engage him, more will come crawling out of the small ducts, so keep killing them before they overwhelm you - or make a break for either the far ladder, or retreat to lob firebombs. Thank you! Go around the house (to the right), and climb the farthest building using a ladder. It can be a tough fight, but since they’re close together you may as well start with a well placed firebomb or two. Teach the Village Worker a lesson for closing that gate on you, and proceed straight down the road to a building with another Bonfire, because why not. Undead Settlement Elevator Area. Corpses dangle from the ceiling, and others are stuffed in steel gibbet cages. There’s still a little more to uncover, once you go buy the Grave Key back at Firelink Shrine. From up here, you can see one of the towers of the old cathedral where the boss is. Be sure to take the Kiln back to Ludleth of Courland at Firelink Shrine, and you'll be able to trade in boss souls like that of the Greatwood for special items not obtainable anywhere else.

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