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Though, as we said earlier, there are plenty of varieties of attire for men in Switzerland. For men, the most easily recognized garment is the lederhosen, which are knee-length pants with suspenders, often crafted from leather. Jewelry can also be a definition of marital status: married women usually use golden jewelry and decorations while single women wear silver. Drawing from Swiss National Library, Canton of Bern. The most popular motifs are edelweiss flowers, mountains and cows with cowbells. Short-sleeved shirts(mainly white), woolen medium knee-socks, and black slip-on shoes are also worn by Swiss men. Some of these garments however came to be because of necessity, considering the harsh weather in a lot of parts of the kingdom. Women Women's clothing is usually based around a garment we know… This has led to significant variations in traditional Swiss clothing as well as in modern times. The traditional costume for Swiss men has been quite simple and ordinary in most parts of the country. Other traditional women’s clothing includes gold lace caps in St. Gallen and dresses with golden and silver ornaments in Unterwalden. If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay any extra penny, but I’ll get a small commission that encourages me to deliver more helpful content for you. The costume varied depending on the social class, marital status, age, region and other characteristics of the owner. Man and woman in national garments. Traditional Swiss dress for children is basically a miniature version of the costumes worn by adults, with the differences in color to reflect the gender of the wearer. Therefore their traditional clothing are convenient for such activities as hunting, hiking, climbing and so on. Lederhosen provided both mobility and durability while climbing and hiking in mountainous terrain. Drawing from Swiss National Library, About site      Contact us     Advertising. It is decorated with jewelry, embroidery, decorative elements (buckles, chains etc. That influence is still seen in traditional Swiss clothing today. National costume of Switzerland. The lederhosen is a traditional German dress for men alright, but who says we couldn’t get creative with it. Only dark-colored tights were worn by Swiss boys and girls preferred to wear bright colors such as red and white until around 1960. Swiss Woman in traditional costume dancing enthusiastically with a brown bear, the symbol of both the city and surrounding canton of Bern, Switzerland, and is featured in their coat of arms. Women in traditional clothing. Woman wearing national attire. I have an assignment due on what swiss people's clothing is and I didn't find any information on that. Menu. It always embellishes "Sunday best outfits". Our stylish swiss made design menswear not only looks trendy, but they are also comforting. In most festivals, the cattle herders of the Gruyere, offbeat place of Switzerland wear a short red canvas jacket over a half sleeve shirt and a black trouser. Signup Here for our Mailing List. The set of clothing which is now considered to be the national costume of Switzerland is historically a peasant dress. Traditional Swiss Clothing for Adults and Children. The national costume of the nation actually refers to the dresses worn traditionally by the peasants as they wore clothes specific to the region’s environs. How to Save Money in Switzerland Transport, What to Wear in Thailand – Ultimate Thailand Packing List, 10 Best Ways to Eat Cheap While Traveling, 6 Cheap Visa Free Countries to Visit from India, 7 Best Apps for Traveling in Europe in 2020, Traditional Costume of Switzerland for Women, Traditional Dress of Switzerland for Children, Interesting Facts on Traditional Costume of Switzerland, pictures of Traditional clothing of Switzerland, 10 Best Ski Resorts in Switzerland to Visit This Winter, Tips to Get the Best of Switzerland in 2 days with Low Budget, 10 Best Chocolates in Switzerland for Die Hard Chocolate Lovers, 22 Best Christmas Markets in Europe for a Festive Winter, 10 Best California Ski Resorts You Must Visit This Winter, 10 Best Souvenirs from San Francisco & Where to Buy Them.

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