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When Master Zik wanted to deal with Sonic, Zavok was reluctant to let him bother himself with that. If the dragon forms a circle around Zavok, four lasers will spin around, trying to hit Sonic for a short time. He has the following gameplay characteristics: Zavok is an unlockable playable character in Sonic Racing. Using the Death Queen, the Zavok replica engaged Sonic, but was ultimately defeated and faded away upon his defeat, although not before expressing irritation at losing to Sonic again. Zavok. Sonic Lost World Video Game: Sonic: Lost World Franchise: Sonic the Hedgehog. Later on, Zavok confronted Sonic with Zor and Zeena, where he told Sonic to join Tails as he revealed a seemingly roboticized Tails. Zavok is one of the playable characters in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle who was added to the game's roster in the version 1.0.1 update. This allows Zavok to take control of robots and other kinds of machinery. [2][6] He possesses great fighting skills[13] and his tutelage under Master Zik has made him a certified force to be reckoned with. The Deadly Six's involvement would later be erased when Xander Payne erased all the events of Worlds Unite. Level/Area: Lava Mountain Zone 1. When Zavok first heard of Sonic the Hedgehog from Eggman, he was intrigued by the blue hedgehog and desired to learn more. Even while under the threat of being exposed to the Cacophonic Conch, Zavok spoke up against Eggman and expressed his contempt at him when the doctor criticized them. Zavok is the sixth boss that appears in Sonic Lost World, and is fought in Sky Road in both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions. Comments Add a Comment. Zavok is a merciless and cruel being. ". Sonic hitting the tail, the weak point of the robot. During this battle, as first moves, Zavok will deploy a dash attack that the player can avoid by jumping over him. When Eggman later tested his unstable Extractor, Zavok secretly eavesdropped on the test. Zavok is encountered at the end of Zone 2 and Zone 4 of Sky Road. At some point, Zavok was taken under Master Zik's wings as the elderly Zeti's last disciple. [2] Even as his temper flares up, he manages to keep his emotions in check. He is a Zeti who is the leader of his entire race. At the end of the second phase, Zavok will begin running away again and punching away more segments of the Mech Dragon, which follows the same process as earlier and is no more dangerous. After chasing Zavok, the player engages Zavok in a second round of combat that follows the same process as earlier. Despite Zavok's best efforts though, he lost. Either, the player can lure Zavok to jump towards either side of the Mech Dragon, then hit him with a Flying Kick and then a Homing Attack to push him to the edge, or the player can stun Zavok with the lasers strategy mentioned earlier and send him flying towards the edge by locking on to him mutiple times with a Homing Attack. Nintendo Wii U. Sega. Other language voice actor(s) Hitting Zavok with the Homing Attack will knock Zavok some distance away based on how many times the player locks onto him, though at least three single-lock Homing Attacks are enough to force Zavok into retreat. Zavok and the Deadly Six were later further scolded for their failures by Eggman with the Cacophonic Conch, only for Sonic to appear and knock the conch away. Evil Travis Willingham is the voice of Zavok in Sonic: Lost World. He has five-fingered hands that end with sharp cyan-colored nails. Zavok later took part in the subsequent races with the heroes alongside Eggman until Dodon Pa finally finished the Ultimate Energy Engine, which Eggman then stole and incorporated into his Death Egg. His past is virtually identical to his game counterparts' up until after Sonic Forces. When Master Zik returned, Zavok enacted his plan to destroy the Earth with the Extractor and use the energy it harvested to make the Deadly Six stronger, as his revenge at Eggman, earning him the approval of his teacher. Zavok, however, insisted that their opponents were just strong and that he respected that, before warning the doctor to keep his mouth shut. Ability type In Sonic Lost World, Doctor Eggman attempts to harness the power of Zavok and the other Deadly Six members in an attempt to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog and conquer the world. Travis Willingham (2013-2017)Patrick Seitz (2019-present) Zavok is likewise quite cunning and intelligent. Zavok is a red Zeti with a very stocky build. Zavok has what appears to be a relatively thick cyan-colored unibrow that forms a vaguely V-shaped crest. Finding Sonic himself, Zavok taunted Sonic with his plans to roboticize Tails and later the loss of his friends on earth due to the Extractor, thus luring him into two separate fights with him, only to be beaten by Sonic. Alignment and character traits Zavok sits atop the head of the Mech, just out of Sonic's Homing Attack and Flying Kick's range, meaning that the player can't attack Zavok directly. Overview After that, the player engages Zavok in a third round of combat that follows the same process as the first two, except now Zavok's movements are a bit faster and he will now do a two-punch combo prior to his dash attack. In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, Zavok is a villainous Zeti. However, Zavok will quickly regain balance so the window of opportunity is small. Like the other Deadly Six, Zavok is inherently malicious, sadistic and violent. Zavok (ザボック, Zabokku?) His head is relatively small compared to the rest of his body and his lower jaw sticks out, showing a row of spiked fangs. As a second move, Zavok will stomp the ground hard, sending out a short shockwave when he lands that can be avoided by staying away from Zavok when he lands. Due to him enslaving and humiliating him, Zavok holds nothing but spite for Dr. Eggman. Instead, the Homing Attack has to be charged up to the maximum before using it. Zavok later contacted Sonic, Eggman and their allies to discourage them and mock Eggman before he was cut out. Zavok immediately after made Eggman even angrier when he revealed that he had not been able to find the Ultimate Energy Engine. They are lead by Zavok, but were founded by Master Zik.Zavok had previously been Master Zik's student and eventually took over due to his strength and intelligence. Moves and techniques Alignment After Sonic the Hedgehog arrived and got rid of the conch, Zavok and the others rebelled against Eggman and took control of his forces. The majority of his upper body is pure red, as is his serpentine tail. Voice actor(s) Power, Playtime is over, hedgehog. And he can be a bit of a pain to beat. In the third phase of combat, the player has to defeat Zavok in a different way. If the player catches onto his attack quick enough, the player can actually get up between Zavok and the first laser without taking damage. English voice actor(s) [2] He is capable of superhuman feats of strength, enough to punch over a meter thick robot parts off their joints with a single strike. After the attack, Zavok will be stunned. Boss order Sonic Lost World. Physical description Dislikes In Sonic Forces, Zavok, alongside Chaos, Shadow and Metal Sonic, was replicated by Infinite, Eggman's newest servant, using the virtual reality powers of his Phantom Ruby. Afterward, the Zavok replica helped Eggman conquer over 99% of the world. This battle takes place in a planetoid-sphere arena which eventually turns into a 2.5D arena in Zone Two. To attack, the player must first strike the Mech Dragon's tail several times until it becomes stunned. He is not above using his team as a means to his own end, like letting Zazz fruitlessly fight Sonic so he could learn more about his enemy or tricking Zeena to go out on a mission, and he will lash out at them when they fail to carry out his orders. Incarnations View all 5 versions of Zavok on BTVA. Zor After losing several races however, Eggman began to criticize Zavok for his lack of driving skill.

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