seed production technology pdf

h�b```�fV!A�� !ǁ�*/��2�9�QJj8v�Ż�\�nq� Y5wz 7;�0Y)ݼR��D� 88�;:8:8:�(�� 0b`c��9��,����%`k�k���;W�q�� ������u ��� o� ��F e�����H � �0^ �5�ŢaiQ�:��L No.1.1 Maize seed production area Source: JICA Project Team . For Seed production of tomato, varieties require minimum of 50 M for foundation seed and 25 M for certified seed. A rch A gron Soil Sci 59:823-843 (9) Win MM, Shwe T , G aur P M. 2014. reproductive function, oxidative stress and seed yield in chickpea genotypes differing in heat sensitivity. �Qs��g^scR Seed Science and Technology Dr. Alan Taylor, NYS Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell University, Geneva, USA Advances in Seed Technology – Seed Treatment and Coating UC Davis, April 10, 2014 VegR&D Forum . 624 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[614 28]/Info 613 0 R/Length 66/Prev 365224/Root 615 0 R/Size 642/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream <>>> It involves such activities as variety development, evaluation, and release and seed production, processing, storage, and quality control. PRINCIPLES OF SEED PRODUCTION. The technical and managerial farming activities will also help livelihood improvement of people living in mid-hill area of Nepal. These are the main components of a healthy seed industry, still limited to the world's developed countries �� Pest and disease management . }� Plant. 0 h��XmO7�+��|���~�����)$��I%��ͱ�S`�m���3�ػ�w%�H��$z��3���y�i+�pډH�P�R�r��(T(�+�О��&jj5�# ,K���$Q*r�J+J�G�ƒ#Wza�%oe6j���$�g�AJ%N1��g/^;���bwL�c�r{S���y=/�9�SI��Y�8(��I{��ێ�-��tJ�2l{Z��v[)sV����I{T��������i�)Ͳ�4�v4:-��v�E}.��hΆ]Z����_�Ղ�;,�����U��#Զ,�e�ۣC̵#h�V�O4��ӌ/����۪��I�v��d7��b¡J)����U=��l����N�--C�U],D���Y���ξ�n��UBy�����������ٻz~^5�s�{S]�E��ڝ]�s/�n'�ݪ��>OO����t��\\�BR^��w4�Kk�X�7�޴�y�Gۚ��B1duΗ�dv>m.���f�YL����|��]Vs�h�3W&J�u�Ghk�]=�ts8}L����\�"�_��4Z�� ^�WJ(�5=h:^�0% ]�ɜ�~���lt{�KQpA���U���{�N�3@� Facilities for storing genetic stocks ... seed is a dormant miniature plant awaiting the opportunity to continue )495001 2. (TMV) diseases should be removed from the seed production field. 3 0 obj (��M�ܺ��{�I �������g&�R�I��'��4N�!�&�`���� ��W��9��W)b��\L�A�h���{D��udc�fٓ��%�� +i+\�ɀ`������"���"]�p��a��m��"��Z����Z)�>�;�s�02zKl3d��B�AQv�:X߶.إ���F�(޾4���F��\��u�W��i���U�JFå�e1 �� (��,���~�W��{�f��`�T!�~�@҆p>.�b \�-z�� ����� xX9��},'�}$o��Gr��i����OZ�C��~Z&f�I��OZvw�h�� Z���Ǵ. endobj Coordinator RRA Seed Node Chennai, December 2013 About this Book This publication describes the procedures involved in the production of quality seeds of 15 vegetables. %PDF-1.5 %���� General Principles of Seed Production Technology 1. %%EOF With increased knowledge and technology of plant genetics and plant breeding, the necessity for longtime storage of small quantities of the various cultivars becomes apparent. Seed technology comprises the methods of improving the genetic and physical characteristics of seed. By Sri. 4 0 obj h�bbd``b`�$[AD)�`_$8����@�+ �� ��,�VR�(��nG+z�sٸ� �N+o(��N/�LT"l�@9υe�@�]0��/���k\7A� а7���`�X.6�#eb3�\xiAz�G���~?>�m� �f�����O�����\���C��C���C%�Xa� ��`r�k��a` ����`�ä�Jيb�Aӫ7�r�ے6 �r���J�g�6��a�����C�|y�mr|��l Selecting a reliable producer in a good production area It is important for the Seed Company and the Seed Producer to achieve reliable crop production. Maize (Zea mays) was the first and most successful crop in which hybrid vigor was used to increase yield (Duvick, 2001). stream For hybrid seed production, it requires minimum of 200 M for foundation (parental line increase) and 100 M for certified hybrid seeds. <>/XObject<>/Pattern<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 792 612] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>>

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