roll arm sofa

I have two pale blue roll arms by Robin Bruce. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for including us in your roundup! I assumed when I decided on getting an English Roll Arm sofa my decision had been made. :) ~ karen! The chair is built on a kiln-dried hardwood frame upholstered with top-quality fabric and finished with metal nailhead trim. Or dissecting things? My current couch? This post shows exactly why your home is filled with things you love. My last sofa (the red velvet one) had a single down cushion on the bottom and it was a very traditional camel back. Just wondering with respect to your Roger and Chris choice if there is a specific store that sells the sofa in Toronto that you were referring to. The sofas look nice on their website but if you look at them secondhand (friends’ home or craiglist ads) you’ll see that they sag/wrinkle a lot – they basically do not look good at all after a few months. That is at least as much because they design their furniture to last under arbitrary circumstances…. Frontgate ® is the registered service mark of Cinmar, LLC. I hav3 gone bananas trying to find a Canadian manufacturer that won’t cost an arm, a leg and my head! Interesting. I told him that he’ll know the right one when he sits in it. You sit on a white sofa and you leave a dark butt print. Love Roger + Chris! You have enough company/family and entertain enough that a two cushion, no matter how pretty, becomes an issue. With its high, loose-welted back, plush seat cushions, and scaled-down rolled arms, the versatile and comfortable Retreat creates a casual, friendly vibe. I checked. ~ karen! I am thinking blue velvet! At this point I’m getting confused, a bit tired and very definitely have elevated blood pressure. Oh! Ikea Ektorp sofa here. Unless you’re getting a loveseat, don’t go the 2-cushion route. There is no room for negotiation on this point. on, that makes total sence!!! Right Arm Facing Chaise/Sofa Sectional, Special Order, Kensington 2-pc. Frame is kiln dried to remove moisture, guarding against warping and cracking. Also, as for colour, Maria Killam always recommends that you choose a favorite colour for your sofa. Check out Baker furniture. I will gladly send a photo if you want to take a look at mine. I still haven’t found the perfect English roll arm sofa, lol. But it’s in America so I can’t sit on it. I love your posts, they always crack me up! :) ~ karen! Margaret, You’re welcome Margaret, thanks for taking the time to let me know! Which is just what my son said – now this is the one! Are you afraid of a big pillow fight? Heat-tempered, double-coil steel springs are eight-way hand-tied, keeping springs from shifting and establishing long-term support. I don’t do anything. Absolutely, positively couches must be test driven! I have a low armed sofa now that I have to stack cushions against for it to be comfortable. Ideal scene! You have to reposition/flip (right flips upside down and goes to left side, and reverse). I have no idea what colour I’d choose at this point! I got two slip covered love seats, I change them with the seasons. Heat-tempered, double-coil steel springs are eight-way hand-tied, keeping springs from shifting and establishing long-term support. They don’t have my couch on the floor. Current one was bought from Ikea online, with extra slipcover and looks great after two years. in other words: You can’t just take it to the dry cleaners, They provide identically zero increase in durability. After my International search I may, MAY have found what I’m looking for at a Canadian furniture manufacturer that’s in Toronto, just 45 minutes from house. My mother slipcovered everything. No consistency whatsoever. The HN Home Ackley Modern Farmhouse Sofa exemplifies modern farmhouse style in a harbor gray color palette, bringing both personality and class to your home. Frame is kiln dried to remove moisture, guarding against warping and cracking. They call it the Standard Arm Signature Sofa. The English Roll Arm sofa. Thanks again for always making me laugh and learn at the same time! I will definitely read your blog! I didn’t know it was called that and I didn’t buy it but it was the first one I remember liking. RH eventually admitted they were having quality problems with their fabric supplier. Almost all tight backs are spring backs with 1-3″ thick layer of medium or firm foam. Their version looks like a regular couch that they put pleated arm sleeves on. Our electrical items and lamps are UL Listed and comply with U.S. standards. (Please note: Our electrical items can ship internationally, but the appropriate outlet adaptor and voltage converter will be required for use. Resign yourself to the fact that you will have to wash your cushion covers once a year. Barrow Chesterfield 2-pc. Now onto the sofa… I have to say that I do not like Restoration Hardware at all. In fact I lie on mine more than I sit on it. Left Arm Facing Sofa Sectional, Special Order, Barrow Chesterfield 2-pc. But I probably saw it upholstered in a floral chintz and immediately deemed it Kountry. Heat-tempered, double-coil steel springs are eight-way hand-tied, keeping springs from shifting and establishing long-term support. Here goes…..find a three cushion. the offering from Cococo Home (short for Comfortable Couch Company) actually has the word comfortable in its name. The rolled-arm style of sofa looks effortlessly elegant, regardless of what color or material you choose. . The sofa was $3K which I was thought was quite reasonable given you can pay a ridiculous amount and always uncertain of it’s actual comfort level. Oh, and bras have to be test driven too. Heat-tempered, double-coil steel springs are eight-way hand-tied, keeping springs from shifting and ... Kensingtons traditional silhouette is accentuated by its rolled arms, generously filled cushions and nailhead trim. Please help….! You dodged a second bullet when you zipped past Pottery Barnes sofa. Tufted back cushion. So it is okay if you should desire to have a chicken dissection on your new sofa . Keep in mind that in the retail furniture industry, a lot of furniture is made by 1 company: American Leather (DWR and Room and Board, notably, though not the only ones). What do you have to offer? Most of these roll arm sofas are between 41′ and 43″ deep. I can’t seem to find it at a reasonable price….been looking for it since many years. I’m not just wandering through life until the perfect sofa hits me in the face. Just our of curiosities sake. I did. ~ karen! I am from East Liverpool Ohio US. I dodged a bullet made of money that I don’t have there. Solid wood frame. NO ONE wants to sit in the crack. I was confused when you mentioned a Canadian furniture manufacturer as it seems Roger and Chris are making furniture in North Carolina?? Or do they also have a factory in Canada? Explore our assortment of upholstered furniture ready for It wasn’t without plenty of stress! My nerves couldn’t take it. I’m guessing I have better quality control than they do. Holy Moly, do you ever have the patience and the fortitude and the spread sheet memory. I plan to have them done again, once I’ve finished my home renovations. I definitely want foam cushions surrounded by down. It’s so beautiful. I have a small room and their normally 42″ depth is hard to accommodate. They’re great couches. My first sofa was a custom made tightback sofa and I loved it. Even the finishes on them are shoddy. Just my opinion. If you’re going for an English look, this is the couch you want. Inspired by this iconic British design, each piece of our Barrow features a button-tufted back with a low, cushioned seat; rolled arms; hand-applied, brass nailhead trim; and the characteristic equal-height arms and back. I have vowed to never get a two cushion sofa again.

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