recording drums on a budget

One dangling above the kit (from the light fixture I seem to remember) and the other placed in the kick drum. Some recording engineers swear by the most expensive drums microphones to record great sounding drums. best audio interfaces available for under $200, 10 Things To Buy On Black Friday To Improve Your Music Production, Ultimate Guide: Basic Music Theory for Aspiring Music Producer, 9 Ways To Optimizing Windows & Mac for Music Production, Soundproof Your Home Studio – The Subtle Art of Not Getting Noise Complaints. You’ll be dismayed to find microphones from kits like this, to be quite noisy and they don’t record very high-quality sound. If you have great sounding room acoustics – tuned in a way that a drum set sounds good in it, then experiment recording your drums with a condenser microphone with an Omni pickup pattern. It’s a digital mixer + audio interface + portable recorder that simply gets the job done. This way, you get more prominent sound from the snare and kick, while having hints of the cymbals and toms. For some, all you need is a laptop, but the story doesn’t end there. A drum that sounds great in room A, won’t necessarily sound the same in room B – given that the rooms have different size, dimensions or padding. And small pencil condensers are usually fitted better for this, as they record more naturally. When you’re recording with two or more microphones, if your microphones are not in the exact same position and equal distance from the sound source, then one of the microphones will receive the sound earlier than the other. However, this was not always the case. Well, simply because the AT2035 is able to handle high SPL (sound-pressure levels) and more importantly, it comes with a low-cut & -10dB switch – both of them are a godsend if you’re recording drums in a small room. Face the microphone upwards and you’ll risk capturing too much cymbal sound. However, the trick here is to use both real recordings and samples. With all of the microphones, preamps, cables and stands one would need for the “modern” 12+ mic approach, the costs creep up pretty quick! Thus, you might find the brightness of the drums, especially the sizzle of the cymbals become too annoying. When it comes to hybrid production, It’s all about experimenting and finding sounds that you like. Music Law 101: Who Owns The Copyright In A Song? These days, you could get audio interfaces with a decent amount of I/O under $200. Moreover, you can also hear some reflections from the walls due to the percussive nature of drums. These days the internet is awash with musicians showcasing their music online. Of course, it wouldn’t sound as great as if you would have a multiple mic setup. Learn from people who have made expensive mistakes and shortcut your way to success in running a successful studio. 1 – Use What You Already Own With budget in mind, you can do this with a pair of large diaphragm condenser microphones, like the Audio Technica AT2020. About the Author I recommend starting with a condenser microphone like the Audio Technica AT2035. Fun Fact: Mixers were called ‘mixing consoles’, because they fill up the whole studio. However, bass traps absorb bass & mid frequencies better. By tightening or loosening the drumheads, you can enable the drums to sound clear and improve its tone. Recording drums with 2 mics will sacrifice lots of the close mics, meaning there will not be as much clarity and depth to each drum. All rights reserved. I learnt this early on in my recording career. Bass traps are commonly bigger & denser pieces of foams that go into the corner of your studio walls. For more detailed recording strategies and microphone positions, you can easily find some very useful tips on the internet. Why not other budget condenser microphones? Having a full-blown 8 microphone setup to record drums might bring you more problems with phase issues. Some recording engineers swear by the most expensive drums microphones to record great sounding drums. If you’re tight, you can get something like the Tascam US-4X4 for under $200 which will record four inputs at once. Then apply compression effect to the drum recording, to control attack transients that become too loud. Again, no rules here. When you are recording with one or two microphones, it is possible that your microphone(s) might not pick up every part of the drum set equally well. This will capture the whole kit and the sound of the room. That gives you the illusion of a bigger room. Audio interfaces are generally external sound cards, that are built for professional audio recording. By using this rule, you can keep increasing the number of microphones in your set up. Rather than getting cheap drum kits like this, it is wiser to start with one better microphone and then buy more microphones more as you go.

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