parkinson's case study

Although she is in an early stage of PD, research supports both early intervention and the involvement of a multidisciplinary team to facilitate communication between healthcare professionals and the patient[19]. ... case study on parkinson disease education4227. He was able to transfer his weight side to side and forwards and backward[5]. No contractures were noted. Parkinson's. 2. When turning, slight shuffling of gait and hesitation around the cone [6]. 3. 2. Name: Aleksandre Tarasenko Diagnosis: Parkinson’s Disease D.O.B: … Application of LSVT BIG intervention to address gait, balance, bed mobility, and dexterity in people with Parkinson disease: a case series. Nocera JR, Stegemöller EL, Malaty IA, Okun MS, Marsiske M, Hass CJ, National Parkinson Foundation Quality Improvement Initiative Investigators. Movement programs specifically addressing hypokinesia and bradykinesia such as LSVT-Big, requires the patient to think big when initiating and carrying out movements to increase the speed and amplitude of movement [3]. 1173185, 4-week Training program, supervised by a certified LSVT BIG physical therapist. 1. He additionally presents with cogwheel rigidity in both upper extremities, a moderate resting tremor, and some issues with coordination, that are impairing his ability to help his wife, who has Alzheimer’s, around the house, as well as working on small projects. If you believe that this Physiopedia article is the primary source for the information you are refering to, you can use the button below to access a related citation statement. Aspects used in Mrs. Brown’s treatment plan specifically related to her goals and diagnosis of PD are Nordic walking, musical cueing, and dance. To ensure understanding of the role of PT, the purpose and effectiveness of her program, increasing compliance to her program while promoting her safety. In addition to their supervised training, completing the above exercises 1x a day on days they complete a supervised session + 2x a day on days without supervised sessions [3]. How would you interpret this score? His confidence has improved, and he is much less worried in general than during his initial assessment. She also has a history of depression. After the initial assessment, it was decided that Mrs. Brown would receive 12 weeks of physiotherapy to address her impairments and implement a home exercise program. They have three children; one daughter who travels frequently, a son who lives in the city with his wife and two young children, and another son who lives with his family in British Columbia. Be able to better navigate through challenging spots in his house without freezing in order to best care for his wife. The goal moving forward is maintenance, and to re-evaluate and adjust treatments as new problems arise. **Some limits due to mild rigidity (cogwheel), myotomes, dermatomes, UMN tests, reflexes: normal. Nordic pole walking has been found effective in improving balance, postural control, movement coordination, walking ability, and positively affecting socialization[3]. To develop confidence in facing the mass and presenting skills. 16 1-hour sessions of supervised training (4x/week), Task 1 & 2 – Standardized whole-body movements with maximal-amplitude, repetitive, multidirectional movements, Task 3 – Individual goal-directed ADL exercises, Effects on gait, posture & postural instability, motor coordination, tremors & muscle rigidity, Encouragement to continue activities of daily living and hobbies within limits, More importantly: how rehabilitation will have a positive impact on the progression of his disease, Evidence-Based outcomes of the LSVT-Big program, Inform him of resources that include PD group classes he could also become a part of. Sign up to receive the latest Physiopedia news, The content on or accessible through Physiopedia is for informational purposes only. The common Dance for People With Parkinson Disease: What is the Evidence Telling Us? Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale [7][8]. Walk her dog for 30 minutes around the neighborhood. Parkinson’s Disease in Women and Men: What’s the Difference? Bradykinetic movement, dysmetria, and mild-moderate difficulty with rapid alternating movement. Movement Disorder Society‐sponsored revision of the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (MDS‐UPDRS): scale presentation and clinimetric testing results. Her BBS score improved to 45/56 indicating a true change and a decreased risk of falling[14]. 2. Superficial sensation intact, he had decreased proprioception and kinesthesia in the upper limbs. Increase thoracic and cervical spine rotation by 5º by week 2 of the training program. CASE PRESENTATION ON PARKINSON’S DISEASE Name : xxx Age/Sex: 81/Male DOA: 12/10/2014 DOD: 13/10/2014 3. Prior to these symptoms, Ted recalls losing his sense of smell intermittently and noticed his handwriting becoming smaller but dismissed these as part of “getting old”. There were no indicators of impaired cognition during the assessment and based on her responses to the PDQ-39. In this case study, Gail Brown, a 68 year old female, has been diagnosed with PD and is experiencing symptoms associated with the preliminary stages of the disease, such as resting tremor and balance issues. He goes on to share that he has always been the provider for the family and fears what his condition will do for him and his wife moving forward. This indicates a true change (Minimal detectable change(MDC) of 11-13) and that she is no longer a risk for falls (in PD patients >80% = decreased risk of falls)[10]. Physiopedia. She can be seen later in the video now able to stand up and walk. Musical cueing can improve gait through improvements in speed of gait, and length of stride [16]. View Parkinsons case study Scenario[918].docx from NUR 213 at ECPI University, Virginia Beach. Brusse KJ, Zimdars S, Zalewski KR, Steffen TM. Fortunately, through sound scientific research on effective medication coupled with the advancements we are seeing in evidence-based practice for the treatment of PD, the rehabilitation community has been able to begin to tackle intervention strategies for Parkinson's with success.

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