pantry patrol pheromone traps

The Pantry Patrol trap is the first multi-species pheromone trap on the market. After 2 months, replace with new trap. With 5 Pheromones in one … Pantry Patrol is a pheromone based trapping system that utilizes powerful sex- attractant and aggregation pheromones mixed in a natural grain oil. Check your traps at least once a week. Simply place the traps in the corner of your cabinets or other areas where insect activity is suspected. From cigarette beetles to rice weevils, this trap … When the traps get filled with insects, discard in normal trash. Consumers will find it both user friendly and affordable. in the area. The specially prepared natural grain oils prevent the pheromone from oxidizing, which stabilize the dosage sensitive pheromones … The Pantry Patrol will attract and capture any grain or pantry pests (except for Weevils!) Traps sell for$ 71.88 and include 24 traps (12 kits) and 24lures. The GreenWay Pantry Patrol Insect Trap is a non-toxic, ready to use insect control product that uses pheromones to capture the insects that are infesting your property. This pheromone-based trapping system utilizes powerful sex-attractant and aggregation pheromones … The product is non-toxic, ready-to-use, long-lasting, and child & pet safe. The Pantry Patrol Traps Removes stored food beetles from your pantry, kitchen, home, and business. The Pantry Patrol … Pantry Patrol is a food attractant designed to … About This Product: Removes stored food beetles from your pantry, kitchen, home, and business.

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