mxl 550 vs 990

MXL 990 Complete Bundle Pop Filter/Shockmount Kit The MXL 990 Complete Bundle consists of the legendary 990 microphone with new SMP-1 integrated dual pop filter and shockmount, and 20-ft. XLR cable. MXL 550/551R vs. MXL 990/991 The only difference I can see in the specs is the 991's Freq Range is 30-18 and the 551 is 30 - 20. sehr gut für z.b. Helpful. Read more. Ist das 440/441 Set etwas anderes, oder ist es das gleiche in schwarz? Und wie siehts aus mit dem 551er, ist das baugleich mit dem 603er? Kinda silly, almost like choosing the color of your ipod. 1. Mike W. 4.0 out of 5 stars Decent for Budget. I would use the 550 over the MXL 990 as my main mic but the 550 didn't come with a suspension mount for using on my desk mounted mic stand to podcast with. MXL 550 / 551 Set The use mogami cabling. man bekommt quasi hier ein kleinmembran-mikrofon dazu geschenkt. MXL 550/551 - Has anybody tried either of these mics? Looks like they sell them in Red and Blue. Comment Report abuse. They are very nice looking microphones. I'm about to purchase a condensor microphone to record vocals/acoustic guitar/piano, and the MXL990 came highly recommended and at the extremely low … MXL 990 vs. AT2020 Sign in to disable this ad Hello, I'm relatively new to this board (joined 3 days ago), brand new to home recording, and have gotten amazing support as i begin to create a studio in my apartment for a small project. The response graphs on the MXL site suggest that they are quite bright. If I can find said mount I would mostly like swap them out for one another and use the 550. Ich habe gelesen, dass das MXL 550 technisch gleich mit dem 990 sein soll. das MXL-550 grossmembran entspricht technisch dem MXL 990, welches derzeit allein 90,-euro kostet. 9 people found this helpful. Kann das jemand bestätigen? akustik-gitarrenabnahme mit 2 mikrofonen gleichzeitig. MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Mic The MXL V67G large capsule condenser microphone has a large gold-sputtered diaphragm, FET preamp, and balanced output for a surprisingly open and … Seems like a pretty good deal to get 2 mics for $85 at newegg. Die Firma MXL habe ich bereits kontaktiert, sie waren bisher nicht dazu im Stande mir irgendwelche Informationen zu geben.

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