minerva's den collectibles guide

Minerva's Den 1) On the way to Porter’s office in the Executive Wing of Rapture Central Computing, it’s just down the path from the Gatherer’s Garden. BioShock 2: Minerva's Den is a single-player downloadable content (DLC) campaign for the 2010 first-person shooter game BioShock 2, developed by 2K Marin and published by 2K Games.The player assumes the role of Subject Sigma, an armored human or "Big Daddy"; Sigma must travel through Minerva's Den, the technological hub of the underwater city of Rapture, to download a schematic of … You will need this for later! Login. Open the first two doors and there should be a Gatherer’s Garden. Now you go through the door, and enter the room. Rocket Bots are very helpful for dealing with groups, but they still do good damage to targets in general, so you should try to get them whenever possible. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Players take the role of Subject Sigma, the eighteenth Big Daddy of the Alpha Series, reactivated and sent by Brigid Tenenbaum to Minerva's Den while the events of BioShock 2 are taking place elsewhere. Now you are asked to go to his office. You should have plenty of ammo. 2) It’s at the back of the Demonstration Stage area of McClendon Robotics, in a fenced off display area. Go back to second room off the main hallway to Porter's Office. Have a good day/night! Finish Level 3: The Thinker, and also the Minerva's Den DLC as a whole. Dont forget to use spear gun to eliminate enemies on the way. Once he is dead, finish off the others with the laser, or the Spear Gun if you can get some distance from them. But its important. BioShock 2 Trophy Guide. Anyways, hope you liked it, or at least enjoyed my insane ramblings! There is a camera in there, and you need that unhacked. For the Brute Splicer, you can use the spear gun if you really want to, but its more efficient to use the laser for him this time. PLEASE NOTE: This walkthrough was originally written for the North American Xbox 360 version of BioShock 2. Anyways, once the splicers you can see are dead, go down, use security command to distract the turrets, and your own bots so they dont shoot the turrets, and hack them. But more importantly, you have a little sister to rescue! You should always rescue, at least the first three, so you can get the proud parent tonic ASAP (though you really should just rescue in general, since Armored Shell 2 is the second reward for operations). By now, you likely have a ridiculously large amount of Eve Hypos. However, there is also an infinite free source down below. Now get loot, kill incoming brute splicer, boom. Proceed to gain ownership of all turrets in the area, because spending a little eve is better then wasting ammo destroying them. Minerva's Den is a DLC (DownLoadable Content) for Bioshock 2, it cost $9.99 on the Playstation Store (Its also available in the Xbox Live Arcade) It adds a new story that includes: 3 new levels, several new weapons, and a new Big Daddy "Lancer Big Daddy" Please note that ammo should only be used on groups of enemies. Intro cinematic, tunnel blows up, you wake up outside. With that done, you can go and get another Gene Tonic slot, and more importantly, Vending Expert. Lancer Killer. Make sure to use Hyponotize as much as possible. Anyways, with the lancer dead, get little sister, resupply on heath kits. That was, if it crashes or such while your saving, you dont lose all your progress! With it done, you may even have quite a bit of cash saved up! Secret - … When you start walking under water for the first time, there will be a damaged bathysphere to your left with two corpses - the diary is on one of the corpses Bioshock location maps from DrMong. As there is no security research, there is no point in bothering to break or destroy security and wasting ammo and depleting your own health in the process. With that, you now have to reach the central room, looting every single little thing along the way. Now go to the Gatherer's Garden, buy a tonic slot, and now buy Armored Shell! If you've followed the guide, this should be your final trophy for this DLC. You can also go back to the first room, clear the enemies out using security command and the Spear Gun, hack the turret (it will be helpful as enemies will come back in once you come out of the back room), and hack the safe inside. First off all, some ground rules: -Unless otherwise stated, hack everything at the earliest convienence. You should use this source whenever you enter this room, preferably buy only what you need when away, so you can be at zero when you reach here and resupply fully on free eve hypos, saving money that you will need. Oh, before deploying the little sister though, you can get more Eve Hypos from Porter's Office. Its sad, I know, losing such treasured companions before you could even name them....such a cruel world. In this room, in the water, you will encounter the final ADAM slug. Eventually the brute will come in, hypno him too, make them all fight and weaken each other. Today, I am sharing the knowledge within my deep, plasmid/ADAM addicted, insanity driven mind! Dont be surprised when your bots die horrificially and brutally to the Lancer's cruelty! Now you have 80 ADAM. Use it to snipe individual enemies, and if they are unaware, the better. With that done, go and get the hack tool. We continue with the new DLC for Bioshock 2. Hello fellow Bioshock fans, enthusiasts, possible escaped splicers, and so on! Take out the laser and begin to carve up the brute splicer. Now, to start off, everything is just like how you would imagine. I also recommend getting the trap plasmid so you can deploy them on later gatherings, but Insect Swarm is also a viable and reasonable purchase. Destroy all 10 Vacuum Bots in Minerva's Den 10. Dont forget to hack the health station by the way, get the free health kit. Sigma's task is to help Porter, founder of Rapture Central Computing, retrieve the blueprints and codes o… Kill splicers, trigger alarm, run to shutdown panel, shutdown, get two new bots. -Remember to switch ammo types for specific enemies once you have a lot of ammo. ADAM Addict. There should be one on a rock in plain view, one in a metal tube thing, one behind a support on the way to the stairs, and one behind a support on the opposite side of where you came from in the same area. You now have 60 ADAM! Dont forget to use Telekinesis to intercept attacks and throw them back at brute splicer to preserve health. There are no collectibles or missables to speak of in this level. Because I felt like it! Now, remember to get all four ADAM slugs outside, because you cant do this without them.

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