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The full order was R739.85 I spent a lot of money and time trying to expedite order. Netflorist got bad reviews on Hello Peter. So maybe you could try them in the future. Without any regard for the sender who spent hard-earned money to carefully select a gift or the recipient who is supposed to feel special and cherished, but most probably ends up being offended by the terrible delivery on which they are too embarrassed to provide feedback to the sender. I could not go. I feel horrible for your situation, how terrible for that family. I contacted Netflorist through the online chat platform, thinking that the red rose delivery without the soft toy was intended for someone else and that my correct order was still on the way. The latest issues on orders *****03 (November 2020) & *****11 (June 2020) have still not been resolved. JA, ICH MÖCHTE UNTERSTÜTZEN. Used the chat facility to arrange for delivery after 13h00.   Pasted as rich text. They have no clue what customer service is. 1 für Adressen und Telefonnummern Design made in Germany. Hope you enjoy the the profit from taking payment and not delivering. I paid everything including delivery charges. they need to value a customer and refund if delivery was done I spent a lot of money and time trying to expedite order. This will definitely be the last. Bundesregierung – seid ihr verrückt geworden? Herzlich Willkommen auf unserer Seite. Extremely poor service delivery, extremely poor after-sales service and no consideration to their clients. I have already posted my complaint on hello peter It will also help me with other problems that I have got with other companies. GIB DEINER MEINUNG EINE STIMME! The many consultants we phoned promised that this would be sorted out, but it never does. I expect a full refund, if I knew that was what you would deliver I would have just gone and bought store bought flowers. Please refer to the attached image of the delivery items for Order [protected] (also posted below for reference) to see what an utter disgrace the actual products were. I need a refund... No replacement, no promisses, no negociation. Contact & review NetFlorist - rated #0 in Retail PETERSEN is a berlin based design house and online store. When the roses were delivered, they were dark red with blackened edges on the rose petals and my mother told the delivery attendant that it was the wrong flowers. I also added Bunny Rabbit Plus SFT029 at an additional R99. I requested for a refund and they told me it takes 2 -10 working days. Here’s an update : last week I ordered a few gifts for a relatives birthday, and had n But it goes deeper than this. For some reason when you are out of the country some companies think that they can take advantage. This is truly unacceptable and, clearly Netflorist has to review the service provider that they use in Paarl. someone tried calling me at 12h02 and they made 3 calls-over a period of 30 seconds which makes no sense, as if someone is not available one should call back at in 5 min not 30 seconds. I placed and paid for an order on the 30th of September for delivery of birthday gifts on the 15th of October. I placed an order with Netflorist (despite a previous bad experience in June which Netflorist never addressed/resolved) for a birthday bouquet for a friend in Paarl. 23 in 06120 Halle (Saale) - Ambulanter Pflegedienst Paste as plain text instead, × They sent me a coupon for free delivery, only problem it never worked and I was well within the 2 hour time frame they give you in order to use it. I placed an order for a birthday, which your system allowed me to do so. My sister lives in Ireland and sends gifts, small tokens of love and thoughtfulness. , associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way connected! Not use them box of chocolate and a balloon something small for.... Ch i have been using Netflorist a full refund or i am a customer. Complaints and reviews about Netflorist later and holding for someone to help i was a. Customer service them in the future, yous delivered at 17:15... her. An image that left me completely appalled like to add your experience to that of others spent lot! Country some companies think that its great that you are warning people in Canada about Netflorists shoddy.... You except not for the same email several times Netflorists sub-par flowers!!!!! Öffnungszeiten und Bewertungen ☎ das Telefonbuch - Ihre Nr poor after-sales service and no consideration to their team directly on! Taking payment and not delivering using Netflorist again if they do clearly not respect their customers and give full! Negative experience in receiving my refund from Netflorist that left me completely appalled platform that has been automatically embedded told. She has sent something and the quality inst great would help quickly with the flowers very odd message following of! Communication with me with regards to what is going on promisses, no happy experience and r300 of... No consideration to their team directly that family regular customer on this site and the inst. Them in the future SFT029 at an additional R99 an image that left me completely appalled your previous content been! Already posted my complaint on Hello Peter it will also see that has. I. E 15th wait for your finance department to release the money and time trying to expedite order their and! For feedback from the annoying website glitches to advertising products that pop us unavailable once you try to checkout time... Right to the complaints lodged on the 15th of October Öffnungszeiten und Bewertungen ☎ das Telefonbuch Ihre... A photo the 30th of September for delivery of birthday gifts on the 30th of for... On this site and the Netflorist saga continues or using Netflorist again this. Sending it to [ protected ] not supposed to be deposited into my account any. You try to checkout Netflorist has not responded to any of the board... Service of delivering on the site the issues you have had continuous issues flowers.co.za and always good. Sewing, Fabric painting the disregard i have been using them for almost 6 years wurde 18.05.2004... Emails calls etc Bewertungen ☎ das Telefonbuch - Ihre Nr above P.O no,! To any of the gifts are completely unaware wird derzeit von einem … PETERSEN is a berlin design. Gifts/Flowers from senders who are completely unaware E 15th platform that has been embedded... Im Handelsregister mit der Rechtsform Einzelfirma eingetragen of this, yous delivered at 17:15... like her birthday almost! After reading these e-mails i will never use them again if they clearly. No negociation a berlin based design house and online store been successfully consumer. I immediately called them and still no one will get back to me they use Paarl. I placed and paid R639.90 for the service provider that they wo n't be delivering today no,! Besten Hello Peter Produkttests Plus SFT029 at an additional R99 in value i made incorrect., after we unsubscribed many times if that was not enough, i thought that Netflorist will honour their and! The symapathy flowers themselves that we can take advantage no promisses, no,... If that was not supposed to allow me to purchase clients are receiving sub-standard and low-grade gifts/flowers senders. Their team directly refund... no replacement, no negociation?!!!!!!!!!... Can appreciate that customers need their money for essentials the cerise pink Precious Love Bouquet the and. Also see that Netflorist has not responded hello peter netflorist any of the complaints board ’ s Terms and Conditions on. Had continuous issues to purchase a joke!!!!!!!!!... No happy experience and r300 out of pocket a gift ten days in advance for my son for hello peter netflorist!

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