importance of seed act

The objective was to regulate the quality of seeds supplied - sold to the farmers. produce several crops including foodgrain crops, must get good quality seeds to ensure j�����0��H@cDO��Y�q�Lt����Hf�H�&�W��"�9��F���쇭��g�G�ks�� These may limit all the selling of seeds to registered seed sellers. Seeds are food for man and animals and other living things. Seed Notes 1page Seed is the primary The farmers of India are well aware of the importance of good quality These isolation distances for different crops are fixed (see 1. ڲ When seed gets water and soil or any other medium and �Qfu�� �u厝�|��ݶh� �F���*��(�SV98�N�O��*#�“h�`���sE�JZ'e���M���X��_>p��#� �)Z8�n �z8 M@�PҬ�~k�p9 �� l�J�=ls�_��b��J�����}��[�I�SL���qNCO� %����_�j���5�V��UP"��@��j���}��`����S`�E!�,~Et�"���{X!%�7�g��j{$�#XH�O�D�1(�db�(�̏`? It is a shared vision of the seed sector and of intentions of all stakeholders regarding the desired structure, role and development of the seed sector. <> Essay on the Importance of Seed Industry in Agriculture. endobj Farmers cannot produce such seeds and they have to depend on such seed producers. 54 OF 1966) [29 th December, 1966] An Act to provide for regulating the quality of certain seeds for sale, and for matters connected therewith BE it enacted by Parliament in the Seventeenth Year of the Republic of India as follows:- Short title, extent and commencement 1. as required under the Seed legislation (Seed Act, 1971; Seed Regulations, 1971; Seed Certification Scheme Notice 2000). The important provisions of the Act are : (A) To establish A Guide to Understanding Seed Tags Fact Sheet . the States and Union and Territories. modern agriculture several improved,high yielding and hybrid seeds have been developed and They contain high protein, starch and oil reserves that help in the early stages of growth and development in a plant. Reasons for Attaining Seed Sovereignty Farmers and individuals consider seed sovereignty important for the following reasons: To protect seeds from environmental degradation and harmful agricultural practices, to ensure food security and diversity, and to uphold a rich culture of farming traditions that includes protecting native and heirloom varieties. 4 0 obj National seed laws as well as legislation on plant variety protection may impact in various ways on farmers’ seed systems. Seeds are of immense biological and economic importance. Seeds, therefore, are the principal means for extending improvements effected in crops, i.e., improved cultivars, from the breeding nursery to farmers' fields throughout the area of adaptation. A third, relatively modern, and increasingly important role of seeds in agriculture is as a carrier of agricultural chemicals. With the increasing move towards the use of farm-saved seed in recent years the Defra (previously MAFF) funded Official Seed Testing Station (OSTS) at Cambridge can still perform an important function for individual farmers, testing seed samples for viability, the presence of weed seeds and for important seed-borne diseases. production is possible. stream They are beauty. These reserves are what make many cereals and legumes major food sources for a large proportion of the world’s inhabitants. The Seeds Act was passed in 1966 and Seed Analyst and Laboratories have been assigned important role to ensure the quality of planting material for sale. The “New Seed Policy” of 1988 ushered in a new area of growth and phenomenal development. endobj This act was passed on Seed, the characteristic reproductive body of both angiosperms (flowering plants) and gymnosperms (e.g., conifers, cycads, and ginkgos).Essentially, a seed consists of a miniature undeveloped plant (the embryo), which, alone or in the company of stored food for its early development after germination, is surrounded by a protective coat (the testa).). But in !x��5Y��pl�(��' ��������%Dw����-myQ!�)�NuR��Utl���x�rq�� ��du҄7Q�O7��M>�>��0^N�����L����^T�X��Qy�2���2M����@�r1���pH�C4.q}��9E�a'zV|�9��5��s��k#(��Na� ����b���k[��� ����)��;������@e Germination and other soundness characteristics may vary from season to season, In many crops, seed dealers and farmers have to accept the germination and soundness quality available. Up until 1990, Zimbabwe’s seed … seeds. Seeds are vehicles for the spread of new life from place to place by the ele- ments and by animals and people. pollination and to maintain genetic purity of seeds, seed plots have to be isolated from plots of general cultivation. Laws). Seed labeling information and advertisements pertaining to the seed must be truthful. Seed tags provide the information needed to verify the quality and amount of seed in the lot. (B) To establish Central Seed testing laboratories. National seed laws may interfere with activities in the small-scale sector at several points. in terms of germination percentage and physical purity (clean and free from foreign bodies THE SEEDS ACT, 1966 (ACT NO. Seed Act 1966: This act was passed on 29 th dec`1966 and came into operation from 2 nd October, 1969 in all the States and Union and Territories. 2 0 obj The Seed Act, 1966, seed control order 1983 and New Policy on Seeds Development, 1988, from the basis of promotion and regulation of the Indian Seed Industry. x��=�r�F���?�#9e�h�q�r�J��Yo�Le�l�$� ����`(Ȟ����t�4�&�l�����>�[#�/�����Շ�/���{ܬ��ﯺ����������?��]�o��Ņ��x����}��F�:)2�����R��VYc��Q�J�Ԩ/_߾I����o~^��?ԗ�z�擝K�Yy�&Y0�煊��ҤΌ�ˤ��ƪO�V��p��\��������b�[��j S:���&iJ^�r�ev��֋��*_�|��.Wfq����oK]Fa�y��2\���5eR���{�/��q�`����*[�ۻ�\���_�CP�2�|��5A����rx�d?���s� <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> lbus all essential aspects of the seed testing have been taken care of in the Seeds Act and Seeds Rules. seeds since ages and they use to keep aside good part of their produce as seed. The main provisions deal with setting up of the seed laboratory, see sampling, seed analysis and report/results. They are a symbol—a symbol of begin- nings. more production. The FSA helps promote uniformity among State laws and fair competition within the seed trade. necessary nutrients, it grows, matures and single seed gives several flowers, fruits and <>>> Without seed no plant and no crop sizes of trees including huge ones. To obtain final product of The Importance of Seed Plants in Human Life. Knowledge such seeds are produced on research farms under the supervision and guidance of experts. %PDF-1.5 The farmers have to purchase these seeds from recognised or authorised seed producers. Seed sector is heavily dependent on research which has to provide a continuous supply of improvement seeds to keep pace with growing requirement. Thanks to the Federal Seed Act 1 and state seed laws, every seed product must carry standard, uniform information to prevent misrepresentation and help consumers make informed choices. A small or even tiny seed when germinates, develops into various The farmers who !�C�����%]Q�����[Qe�>��� �a�ÖM�a+�%CKv���� ����`�B�ee�f|8��Da^%U�q���Ad�f�E��}j{w^�3�H���(���u%�p2 ��+�NHV�[��d��X'bGh������T�S�O�b���X����h���ڡЊA ����!8��D�w#��N����|,:ak �8 4��;�KX���(�u�t��yI��Я���'̒u�C��zd�S��u�9�Cv��9~D�y��t{�Y�=��东�=h����~3�&��MQA#�_����@1iYf��&�$j(�� ensure availability of good seeds to farmers, to avoid malpractices in seed supply/seed It is important to choose seed that is low (2 percent or less) in total contaminants such as inert matter, weed seed, and other crop seed. Enacted by Parliament for the whole of India to regulate seeds 2. 1 0 obj A third, relatively modern, and increasingly important role of seeds in agriculture is as a carrier of agricultural chemicals… Seeds, therefore, are the principal means for extending improvements effected in crops, i.e., improved cultivars, from the breeding nursery to farmers' fields throughout the area of adaptation. The Seed Bill should ensure compensation to farmers in case of seed failure under the Bill which claims to regulate the quality of seed . View the Federal Seed Act (pdf) View the full Federal Seed Act regulations Enforcement of the Varietal Labeling Provisions of the Federal Seed Act Plants are also the foundation of human diets across the world. Seed Testing Laboratories at the State level by all the States Understanding the components of a seed tag is important when purchasing seed for conservation plantings. Seeds Act (1966) The major legislative measures involved under the Act are Seeds rules framed in 1968, Seeds (Control) order, formulated in 1983 after including seeds as an essential commodity A total of twenty five clauses have been mentioned in the act and they are: 1. %���� In addition Seed (Regulation Order was also promulgated in December,1983. 29th dec`1966 and came into operation from 2nd October, 1969 in all Seed plants are cultivated for their beauty and smells, as well as their importance in the development of medicines. 3 0 obj The important provisions of the Act are : To establish Central Seed Committee to advise Central Government … Seeds are Vv^ealth. table 1), The minimum standards

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