how to sew perfect binding

Thanks for the tutorial, this will really help. I've tried to grab your button, but not sure if I've done it right. The perfectionist in me was having a hard time thinking the ends of the binding needed to be overlapped and extra bulky at the join. However, I have TWICE cut the tail 1/2" shorter instead of a 1/2" longer. I am doing 15 days of questions for a demo I am doing in September on bindings. Just wanted to let you know :) If it's not ok, I'll take it down, no worries. Your IP: Perfect Binding Tutorial - {quilting basics tutori... Sign up for Nebula Block of the Month Emails, Journey to Nebula: A skill builder series, My Secrets to Piecing 60-Degree Triangles. Sew your first line of stitching as we did in the above section and flip over to the back. Good tutorial. ... Nebula is a block of the month quilt made with the  Hex N More  &  Super Sidekick  rulers, templates are included in the pattern. take one end and cut it at a 45 degree angle. Thanks so much, Julie! Like many of the others here, I have done nearly everything the same apart from having that 45 angle cut at the start point - that should make marking to make the join easier at the end. Great tutorial and so specific and easy to follow with all the pictures. Thanks for the tutorial to pass along. Hi Julie - I linked to your binding tutorial today on a mug rug tutorial today as it's such a good one there seems little point in doing one myself! This type of binding in perfect for necks & armholes. Your pictures are what helped me in seeing what to do. All rights reserved. I don't anymore :) Thanks! I can read but it was not making any sense to me. :). How to Sew Binding With Cuddle® Minky Fabric. Different dress designs, as well as tops, may demand a bit of variation in neck binding style. After you finish sewing, trim off the excess threads. i do bias most of the time... but i also do straight when the fabric design calls for it. This will allow you to glue down the area easily. Just linked up to you from my blog! & then iron the binding back in half onto the quilt the binding should lay perfectly flat on the quilt. Jeri. whenever i sew it on, it moves even if i pin it. And I have to admit that last night was one of the two times I have done this. till you get 12" away from where you started. Thank you so much for this tute! You get the same end result but you don't have to worry about handling bias edges.Amy R ( Make sure when you pin it down, that it covers your line of stitching completely and reaches a little further below it. Quilt Binding Basics - Part 3 (Scrappy Bias Binding How-to). Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f8e944dad22f3cf You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. :). I've bound dozens of quilts, but used these instructions for the first time today. Also, my corners weren't coming out good, and I figured out I was folding the miter on the back the wrong direction and it was making 2 points. Thank you for this tutorial. Step 2. • Following your instructions, today was the first time I've been able to do this method successfully. Only 4-1/2 years since I first saw this tutorial (and commented on it), I finally tried it. Press the seam up and away from the neckline. & then iron the binding back in half onto the quilt. Ive never been able to master this method and have had lumpy joins in every quilt I've ever made. Thank you for this tutorial. I cannot believe how wonderful it looks without all the bulk from the way I used to do it.

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