how old is jason todd in under the red hood

Eventually, Ra's al Ghul hired the Joker to distract Batman and Jason while he toppled the economy in Europe. The Grim Knight | Dark Archer | Alice | Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Lex Luthor | Doomsday | Anatoli Knyazev | Mercy Graves | Cesar Santos | Amajagh | Joe Chill | Zod | Joker | Steppenwolf Batman: Assault on Arkham: Suicide Squad (Amanda Waller, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Killer Frost, King Shark, Black Spider, KGBeast) | Joker | Riddler | Penguin | Scarecrow | Victor Zsasz | Bane | Two-Face | Poison Ivy Clayface | He also implies while fighting Batman that his more violent approach was indeed his regular nature rather than simply the result of a botched revival from the Lazarus Pit. Jason proved not to be a complete monster when he ordered the dealers not to give the kids drugs, which shows he would not hurt the kids; in fact, Jason was arguably a tragic figure who had endured his brutal torture at the hands of the Joker. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse: Darkseid | Female Furies (Granny Goodness, Gilotina, Mad Harriet, Lashina & Stompa) | Doomsday Despite the dropoff point as well as security being doubled from Red Hood's prior actions, the vigilante (upon learning of this via a bug in Black Mask's office) later managed to hijack another weapons shipment from Black Mask (this time containing ten cases of assorted SMGs and PDWs, along with 5000 .45 caliber ATG rounds [Black Mask's favorite] as well two cases of RPGs and some cases of C-4) by disguising himself as one of his henchmen and tying up the other henchmen sent to wait for the shipment while making it seem as though they were simply standing there, although he was prevented from escaping by chopper. Jason perished instantly. Catman | Freeze | Shame | Harley Quinn Victor Zsasz | Cornelius Stirk | "Batman: Under the Hood" (also known as "Batman: Under the Red Hood") is a comic book story arc published by DC Comics, written by Judd Winick and primarily illustrated by Doug Mahnke.Featuring Batman in the monthly title of the same name, it ran from November 2004 to June 2005, before going on a short hiatus and returning from November 2005 to March 2006. Aliases: Carmine Falcone | Penny Plunderer | Ra's al Ghul | Poison Ivy | Son of Batman: Deathstroke | League of Assassins (Ra's al Ghul & Talia al Ghul) | Ubu | Killer Croc | Man-Bats Black Glove | Doctor Randolph Porter | Mr. Toad | The blood sample names for when Jason died and the Red Hood, 00428 and 00635, are references to the issues where he died and when he returned as the Red Hood, respectively. Sal Maroni | Tragic Vigilante, Weapon UsageMurder and Fighting SkillsIntimidation and Manipulation SkillsStealth and Escaping. Batman: Under the Red Hood. Though the Joker was responsible for the events of the movie and more dangerous than the other villains in the film, Jason was still the main antagonist because he had bigger plans than any of them. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies: Lex Luthor | Major Force | Metallo | Amanda Waller | Toyman | Solomon Grundy | Gorilla Grodd | Killer Frost | Lady Shiva | Giganta | Mongul | Captain Cold Condiment King | As all of the Crisis' have been retconned following the DCnU, The film's explanation has been translated into the mainstream comic books. Red Hood Occupation Learning that Batman failed to avenge his death at the hands of the Joker, Jason Todd was enraged, and proceeded to adopt the former identity of the Joker, the Red Hood. Trying to control crime in Gotham City.Killing professional criminals who do not accept his "offer". Monk | As all of the Crisis' have been retconned following the DCnU, The Film's explanation has been translated into the mainstream comic books. Full Name He then escaped via a blue convertible, and managed to lure Batman to the ACE Chemical Plant, where Joker was created. Jason Peter Todd is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Batman.He is the second character to assume the role of Robin and the second character to take up the Red Hood alias. They then proceeded to get into an argument about how to deal justice before taking his leave with a smoke grenade. Holiday | Calculator | This, however, resulted in the Joker capturing all of Red Hood's drug dealers, as well as imprisoning Black Mask and Ms. Lu with the intention of luring Red Hood to him and torching them. Victim Syndicate | Dealer | Thomas Wayne | Prometheus | ", Eventually, he arrives at Black Mask's office with a modified rocket launcher equipped with a laser scope specifically to get Black Mask to notice him before firing at him. Signalman | Distinguished by his red hair (as opposed to the black hair of Dick Grayson), Todd is unfailingly cheerful, wearing his circus costume to fight crime until Dick Grayson present… Jason's most complicated personality trait is his relationship with his former mentor. Batman & Robin: Poison Ivy | Mr. Wrath | Batman (former mentor and friend) Professor Pyg | As the years past though, Jason's anger got a little more rough, which also ended up causing some friction between him and Batman. Solomon Grundy | KGBeast | He also carried a variety of equipment, including pistols, explosives, a combat knife and a taser. Batman then tried to offer to help Red Hood, but Red Hood, although pausing to consider this offer, ultimately refused, citing that it was too late and that Batman "already had his chance." Sewer King | Great Strength, Durability, Speed, and AthleticismWeapon UsageMurder and Fighting SkillsIntimidation and Manipulation SkillsStealth and Escaping Joker | Penguin | Bane | Catwoman | Mr. He then proceeded to use a rocket launcher at Black Mask's office, thus forcing the crime lord to arrange for the Joker's release. The blood sample names for when Jason died and the Red Hood, 00428 and 00635, are references to the issues where he died and when he returned as the Red Hood, respectively. An Innocent Guy | Red Hood arrives, and admits that he was actually behind Joker's release, revealing his prior actions against Black Mask were specifically to get Black Mask desperate enough to release Joker and thus ensure their "reunion.". Years later, Jason returned to Gotham using the past alias of the Joker, the Red Hood, with the main difference being that Joker's Red Hood getup was more of a maitre'd style while Jason's was more of a motorcycle fetish. However, Red Hood managed to electrocute his would-be assassin directly on his face while the latter was distracted with trying to ward off Batman's threatening to use a taser (also quipping immediately beforehand, in reference to his assassin's remark that Batman will have to eliminate them both in an attempted human shield, that such was most likely Batman's plan), resulting in his head exploding. Orca | The Wonderland Gang | He then proceeded to fight the Fearsome Hand of Four mercenary group, also calling in Batman earlier for aid, eventually managing to knock out three of the mercenaries while killing the fourth. Either force Batman to kill Joker or do it himself.Get revenge on Batman and Joker (all failed).Control crime in Gotham city (temporarily succeeded). Deathstroke | Penguin | He then learns that he doesn't because Batman fears that by doing so, he may go beyond any hope of redemption and become no different than the criminals he faces. Steeljacket | Originally, like Grayson, Jason is the son of circus acrobats (the Flying Todds) killed by a criminal (Killer Croc) and is later adopted by Bruce Wayne. Batman met the boy in Crime Alley, where Jason had just finished removing the tires of the Batmobile as an act of vandalism. One particular incident was on another of Jason's first assignments to bring down Two-Face, where it was discovered that Jason's father started working as one of Two-Face's thugs following his parole, only to be killed by his boss after double-crossing him. It's unknown what becomes of him afterwards. The Lego Batman Movie: Joker | Harley Quinn | Phantom Zone Criminals (Zod, Sauron, Kraken, Lord Voldemort, Jaws & Gremlins) | Catwoman | Poison Ivy | Two-Face | Bane | Riddler He was also extremely skilled and chaotic martial artist, capable of holding his own against somebody as experienced as Batman. Freeze | Ethan Bennit | Killer Croc | Man-Bat | Firefly | Riddler | Punch & Judy | Kabuki Twins | Hugo Strange | Cluemaster | Ragdoll | Temblor | Poison Ivy | Tony Zucco | Count Vertigo | Harley Quinn | Maxie Zeus | Clayface | Gearhead | Francis Grey | Killer Moth | D.A.V.E. Anarky | In fact, the trailer shows at least two other possible futures, one where Jason becomes Red Robin and another where he becomes a version of Hush, complete with bandages covering him from head to toe. He also threatens to kill them should they disobey, even producing a duffel bag containing the decapitated heads of their various lieutenants that he allegedly did in under two hours to make clear that his threat was genuine. Sinestro | Before Batman could get to their location, Joker departed, trapped Jason inside the warehouse, with a bomb the Joker had set up exploding just as the Dark Knight arrived on the scene.

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