fuse sizing chart

Example for Chart 1 This is the voltage supplied to the primary of the transformer. Fuse rating Calculation: Let we calculate the fuse sizing for 5.5kW 415V three-phase induction motor is planned to run at 0.86 power factor. Circuit Breaker Size % and Amps Charts. Hence, we can choose 16A Fuse for 5.5kW motor. Below is the given chart showing the % of max current rating of breaker size … Keep in mind that the breaker size should not increase the max amperage rating of cable and wire. For example, if a 75 kVA transformer is connected between one-phase and neutral of a 13.2/22.9 kV ... Use the fuse size … The maximum safe current limit is 80% of the rated size of breaker except some motors. Primary General Purpose Transformers Secondary General Purpose Transformers VA 208 240 480 600 208 240 380 480 3000 1)2 (20) 9)(17.5 5)(9 42(7 1 965 6000 2)5 (40) 2)0 (35 9)(15 85(12 202219 … Motor Fuse Sizing Chart: Here the standard IEC recommended fuse chart … Calculate Size of Circuit Breaker or Fuse on Primary and Secondary side of Transformer having following Detail Transformer Details(P)= 1000KVA Primary Voltage (Vp)= 11000 Volt Secondary … Fuse Diagnostic Sizing Charts Transformers 600V Nominal or Less (NEC® 450.3) Primary Protection Only *When 125% of FLA corresponds to a standard rating, the next larger size is not permitted. Primary And Secondary Protection Optimum Protection 125% or next size larger 125% or next size larger 125% or next size … Fuse rating = 1250 x 5.5 / (1.732 x 415 x 0.86) = 11.1 A.

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