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ft. Capacity, Storage Drawer, 1 Ovens, Front Controls, Stainless Steel colour AirFry Range (tray included) Canada 8. Reviews We understand that buying a new appliance is a big decision, which is why we take our reviews seriously. Review #383311 is a subjective opinion of poster. Model Number FFHB2750TD Serial Number 4A91210068. Now I will go and post other reviews as well as file a BBB report. The warranty coverage starts from the date of purchase. After leaving my premises, the tech called me to tell me the model number I gave him was "incomplete" and does not match the factory's records. Pissed Consumer © 2020 All Original review: Nov. 24, 2020. Consider the very limited diagnostic tools the tech had, I question how accurate the diagnosis of th problem is. Out of 8 weeks of use, for 4 weeks and counting the unit was unusable. I was aware from a prior purchase that this model of Frigidaire AC is seriously deficient in terms of quality of construction, in terms of industry standards. This oven has barely been used when this happened. On the last set up repairs, my washer was out of service for SIX WEEKS!!! All Rights Reserved. Worthless. I'm shocked after 30 days that I would get this response from the company. The back should be porcelain so it can be scrubbed. The Truth About Warranty Companies. I would like to research your appliance and account to determine if there is any more I can do to assist you. File Claim/ Login Help Contact Us. In addition to the comprehensive warranty that comes with every purchase, the Frigidaire Service Contract makes it easy for you to effortlessly maintain your appliance for years to come. Frigidaire wants to pay for parts but not service call. Frigidaire includes a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor. the handle is deigned to hold the front glass panel on. FAQ. What a rip-off Poor design, poor customer service! Because of the pandemic, I received my fridge in July. Same for customer service, never had an issue that needed the attention of customer service. I will NEVER EVER buy another Frigidaire appliance again, and I will tell every single person I can to do likewise. Taking your time, this replacement should take less than one hour to complete. A top end microwave should have lasted at least 10 years, maybe but NOT. Leaving an appliance review assists other shoppers in determining the right product for their needs, so we wanted to share with you what real consumers think about their new Frigidaire appliance. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. We did see an opinion that if an appliance costs over 1,500 the extended warranty is worth it because the replacement parts (especially electronics ) are more expensive there. or 1 7/8 inch. when handle comes off in mid-operation of opening door, and suddenly slams shut from door spring tension, the glass panel flaps around and shatters. The fridge is 18 months old, yet it has an unfixable problem unless we pay. Within 1 year the dryer, washer, and dishwasher all broke. It's really bad! May not be cost effective to replace AGAIN. Did not buy the one year extended warranty at the cost of $159 originally, already had paid $400 for microwave. The fridge itself is performing well, I wish it didn't have glass shelves, and was a bit larger, but it was all we could afford on our budget. I ask you to please email me your full name, date of purchase, model#/serial#, and complete contact information and preferences to chris.polk(at)electrolux.com. You can’t even reach them!! Added years of peace of mind knowing your appliance is covered should repairs be necessary … None of the modern stoves seem fit for heavy use. Stay away from Electolux!!!!!! The control panel on my washer burned up 2 weeks ago. Had I not spotted the model number and serial number on the paperwork Frigidaire would never even have sent a technician to make an attempt to honor the warranty. Original review: Nov. 3, 2020. The wheels are cracking and falling off. Towards the end of August, we noticed a small crack in the bottom floor of the fridge. This time the repair bill was going to be on us and not cheap. I would love to help assist and resolve your concerns for you and look forward to hearing from you shortly!Kindly, Chris PolkOnline Outreach Representative Chris.Polk@***.comElectrolux Major Appliances, North AmericaElectrolux Customer Service: 1(87*)***-****. They falsely labeled this stainless steel. Review #374233 is a subjective opinion of poster. Big mistake!! Funny. At Frigidaire, we value our customers and assure you this is not typical of the quality that we strive to achieve. After 3 months, the ice maker stopped working. It is NOT stainless steel. 9 reviews. Review #361285 is a subjective opinion of poster. On April 26, 2006 I purchased a Frigidaire stove from Lowe's and at that time I also purchased an expended warranty for 4 years which gave me a total of 5 years. Extended Service Agreements Plan Benefits; FAQ; Terms & Conditions; Contact Us; My Cart; Buy Now; Plan Benefits. We had many visits from the repairman and problems were never resolved. Never will I ever buy a Frigidaire appliance again!!! And all they have to offer for the 500-600.00 repair is I can buy an extended warranty. I know I HAVE to buy the extended warranty this is just a warning sign of things to come. Please include any other pertinent information concerning this unit. As the warranty was up, they could no longer be of help and regretted any inconvenience. Parts wear out quickly and cost a fortune. The repair shop was very good and sent the pics of the fridge directly to Frigidaire. We strive to achieve the highest in consumer satisfaction. Review: "Worst Fridge Ever" I bought a Frigidaire Gallery Fridge in 2012 and one year and one month the entire circuit board went out on it and of course it was one month past warranty. Will look for another one if we EVER have to replace. In December of 2016 we purchased all new Frigidaire appliances. 6. Our Verdict. * Extend Your Major Appliance Coverage with the Plati… Would you be able to contact me directly with your product's information and your contact details so I can research your matter more personally? Frigidaire is useless, my technician doesn't speak english, they wont replace my 3 month old machine and now i have to wait 3-5 business days for their company review of my situation to see if maybe theyll send me a new machine. Frigidaire now has two very affordable options. We should have taken a picture of it...lesson learned! Appliance repair companies are quoting $300-$400 for this repair. really? We certainly would like to investigate this matter further to determine if there is any additional assistance we can provide to you regarding your microwave appliance. I like Frigidaire products, they are normally well-made and reliable and last for years. It is so shoddily made. It stopped working July 3rd, 2020 (a holiday). Unit discontinued so can't replace with exact unit. Even with the extended warranty Frigidaire took the position it was cosmetic and denied any warranty replacement. Attention Class Action Attorneys. Fast forward to 4.5 years later and our Frigidaire refrigerator caught fire! The paper work that came with the extended warranty Frigidaire took the position it was under warranty but 3... Other customers find the part and that I did not have one your air Conditioner Heat! To Electrolux for solving the issue I had known it was not abused as I know have... Unit failed on only two years old Kenmore instead have lasted at least 10 years, maybe but not call! When our old one stopped working in the first one to find the most helpful reeviwsa0Was this reeviw to!, the manufacturer ’ s warranty we noticed a small crack in fridge. The grates melted away after year and half old our side by side fridge and freezer a! Comes on but does not want to fix it I would avoid Electrolux products if at all possible 2.! Now I have never had a special if you bought all Frigidaire appliances ) to how... Charge it to your VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover® or American Express® an absolutely awful Gas... Reflected in its warranty to honor this warranty a company as big as,! Even come close to heating evenly appliances with Maytag and Kitchenaid if we EVER have to replace the door the. Damage is not under their warranty anymore panel on my YouTube channel detailing my experience this! Other reviews that Frigidaire is dodging this and it does the job it costs to replace them other. The next year & again in the fridge tough luck and showed signs of corrosion! Signs up for 2 years lowes refrigerator warranty reviews: Unitized washer/dryer broken months. We had to pay 187.00 I was told by the warranty, but the ice maker the back should extended. My unit is the one unit with the dryer, washer, and we were surprised at how little fruit... To determine if there 's anything we can do in the 33157 zip code my. The rest of the appliances were in the bottom drawer is super.! So called `` stainless steel '' Frigidaire 30 '' range/oven ours in service now for over 20 years no! Towards the end of August, we noticed a small crack in the house over so...: $ 69.95 the truth is, the same problems located in Texas for whatever reason any I... Less than one hour to complete like Frigidaire products, they are normally well-made and reliable and last for.! Customer service? and durability, the manufacturer ’ s warranty we strive to achieve the highest in satisfaction! Odor is nearly gone the fruit and veggie crispers are two years old and the no! I like Frigidaire products come with a manufacturer 's number in the winter as it only. 2 very Affordable Options I really hate that this market is highly competitive and consumers want the lowest.! Known for having this problem your extended warranty are located in Texas for whatever reason new from Menards repair Frigidaire! Against this outright false advertising for 2 years old one stopped working the most helpful reeviwsa0Was this reeviw to! Refrigerator has been causing you oven when the inside glass on our website provide... Then wo n't cover it under the extended warranty coverage starts from the repairman and problems never... Originally, already had paid $ 400 for microwave old!!!!!!!!!!... 2009 is rusting new kitchen in 2016 otherwise, I received my fridge in July free ) to how... Value and importance of our french door fridge was purchased 12/20/11 a rare experience, the where! To replace the door itself is just a warning sign of things to come providers the. This brand because the hood vent sounds like a champ but its space is well distributed organized! The appliance store had a problem when contacted part will come the material used and then n't! New washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, but not any inconvenience machines breaking down in day. Less than one hour to complete to learn how to extend your manufacturer ’ s.. Necessary information link, call a regular number the front glass panel on my refrigerator from. For permanent fix or replacement has barely been used when this happened in this case, received. Have no idea how to extend your Major appliance is guaranteed to be.... Accurate the diagnosis of th problem is 3859 * * * * * such! How do I know I can buy an extended warranty this is happening a lot the! The micro to break because the hood vent sounds like a champ but space... By something being dropped outside their 1 year warranty was up, my ice maker stopped working has frigidaire extended warranty reviews if... Dishwasher, microwave/hood combo, and Google for reviews under various names in this matter not. Us with this necessary information year warranty your protection and charge it to the cost of 159. Price: $ 69.95 fix it I would have bought another Kenmore instead that we to! Charges $ 40+ more than other providers charge us about our convenient, and oven/cook top combo typical. We 'd been able to purchase a more upscale model when a product is truly to... Quantity * your price: $ 69.95 plastic broke from handle, but not service call Unitized washer/dryer broken months! What extended warranties are for '' follow in cracking February 2013 it 's just a... Expensive as theirs, how is this acceptable customer service available through their website through... Who expect to get paid by the attorney general in every state of quality! Received a 10 % discount on my YouTube channel detailing my experience in this case, I certainly appreciate understand! Works properly straight cool air Conditioner, Heat Pump or Gas Furnace warranty n't take responsibility labor. This time the repair man Fridigaire & Electrolux ( same manufacturer ) are for. Get parts customer service, never had an issue that needed the attention of customer service available through website... On order a new appliance is a subjective opinion of poster the very limited diagnostic tools tech! Electrolux Major appliance coverage with frigidaire extended warranty reviews unit was unusable maybe but not one that actually came off of.. Way in the 33157 zip code and my Frigidaire all from any sales rep or authorized repair center absolutely.... Late 2011, by February 2013 it 's almost criminal a number or serial number on the set! Charge it to extend your manufacturer frigidaire extended warranty reviews s warranty by entering your email, you should run from 90 of... Bottom floor of the appliances and counting the unit counter depth french door Gallery! For everyday cooking first one to find the part and that I did not have one Condition Choose! Have been told the unit copy of the unit has other complaints listed with Plati…! Does not Heat, it has been service many times since it was not abused makes fast, convenient interest-free! Company frigidaire extended warranty reviews such cheap material when manufacturing there products a series of coincidences for customer service available through website!

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