center speaker or subwoofer

I have a JBL E250P subwoofer and a JBL EC25 center channel speaker. This may not work as well for music, but when you are watching an action movie, such as the latest Star Wars movie, it truly can add to the experience. The illustration above provides you with the ideal set-up and sound mode setting for a 2-speaker set-up or for all speakers (5.1 set-up). You wouldn't be able to adjust the center channel volume level independent of the left and right front channel channels. As you dial the balance control to the left or right, you can hear the vocals change position accordingly. Surround sound formats, such as Dolby and DTS, feature sounds that are mixed into each of those channels, including sounds specifically directed to a center channel. Michael Heine is a CompTIA-certified writer, editor, and Network Engineer with 25+ years' experience working in the television, defense, ISP, telecommunications, and education industries. Traditionally, main audio tracks such as vocals are mixed into both speakers, while artists occasionally mix things up for different sounds. There was a time when no one had even heard of a center channel. At the same time, when you hear a ship roaring around you the center channel will give you the illusion of it really moving around you. In fact, there are a minimum of 5.1 channels – front left and right, surround left and right, the subwoofer, and the center channel. Traditionally, main audio tracks such as vocals are mixed into both speakers, while artists occasionally mix things up for different sounds. DTS Neo:X: What Is It and How Does It Work? That means you have many more channels through which you will hear the sound. What a Center Channel Speaker Looks Like . Movies, on the other hand, are an entirely different ballgame. This is referred to as "timbre-matching". Will that affect the sound quality or the functioning of either the speaker or the subwoofer? A horizontally-designed center channel speaker can be more easily placed above or below a TV or video projection screen. With the vocals mixed to come out of both the left and right channels, a "sweet spot" is created that is equidistant between the left and right channel speakers. I've a C-Media sound card - CM8738 and 5.1 speakers. In this setup, a center channel ju… Floor-Standing vs. Bookshelf Speakers: Which Is Right For You? But enough about how old I am, let’s talk about a center channel speaker. But if you are using your system to watch movies as a part of a home theater system, then you will be glad you have it. It truly does add a lot to these types of systems. Due to this placement, the center channel requires its own speaker. This means that the soundbar will three separate drivers in it — for left, right and center — and sound significantly better and more immersive than just your TV. It comes with two specific channels that can handle from extremely low … Stereo audio was originally designed to separate recorded sound into two channels (that is what the term "stereo" means), with left and right channel speakers placed in front of the room. Klipsch is well-known on the market for their innovative products and ingenious use of new technologies. Personally, I love my center channel speaker. As a result of how sounds are mixed for surround sound, instead of having the vocals/dialog placed in a phantom center spot, it is placed in a dedicated center channel. I didn’t really think it was necessary. Although some sounds come specifically from the left or right channel speakers, principle vocals or dialog are mixed into both speakers. In this setup, a center channel just isn’t necessary as the main music will already be mixed into both the left and right speakers. Increase the volume level of the speakers. This encoding is provided on DVDs, Blu-ray/Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, and some streaming and broadcast content. Center speakers tend to sound boxy, so Denzel Washington sounds like he's in a box. Here’s why. Here’s why. Ever since the invention of surround sound, people have been wondering if they really need a center channel. That means that the music is mixed to play in either the right or left speaker or both. Home Theater Receiver Connections Explained, Guide to Wireless Speakers For Home Theater. Learn more about our editorial policies. But now that I have one, I can’t imagine a system on a home theater system without one, and I think you will, too. Enclave CineHome HD 5.1 Wire-Free Home Theater System. Klipsch RP-500C Center Channel Speaker The Best Center Channel Speaker Under $500. The bottom line is with movies it really isn’t required, but you will enjoy your movies so much more if you have it, especially if you enjoy watching the big blockbuster action and sci-fi movies. If applicable, try selecting a different size (small or large) speaker. With four THX-265B bookshelf speakers, one THX-365C center speaker, a high-quality subwoofer (or two) of your choice, and a good big-screen TV, this system can transform an ordinary … Modern movies, and those that have been digitally re-mastered, have been designed to play through surround sound systems. Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Theater Speakers, More Americans Prefer Using Computer Speakers. If you use that option, what happens is that the receiver "folds" what would be the center channel sound into the left and right front main speakers, just as it would in a stereo setup. The best center channel speakers pack tremendous power and range into a compact, stylish (or at least unobtrusive) package. If you don't have (or don't want to have) a center channel speaker in a surround sound setup, it's possible to "tell" your home theater receiver via its speaker setup options that you don't have one. You can use any speaker (except a subwoofer) for your center channel, but ideally, you'd use a speaker that has a horizontal, rather than vertical, or square, cabinet design, such as the example shown below from Aperion Audio. If you are creating a setup for music alone, then a center channel speaker probably isn’t necessary. Although the added center speaker results in a little more clutter, there are distinct advantages. If you are upgrading from two-channel stereo to a full home theater surround sound setup, whether you use a center channel speaker is up to you, but here are the main things to consider: Robert Silva has written about audio, video, and home theater topics since 1998. Surround sound provides an effective solution to the center channel problem posed by two-channel stereo listening. However, if you don’t want a center channel, you can configure your front left and right speaker to accomplish the same thing, but the effect won’t be the same. So do you need a center channel? In this setup, the movie soundtrack can be mixed to give the illusion of things moving from front to back and all around you.

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