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Hover over "serves" value to reveal recipe scaler,, I used an electric stand mixer to mix  up the dip. Any ideas about what I did wrong? Have fun looking around! I put it in fridge and hopefully it will thicken p overnight. this sounds delicious! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sorry for any confusion. Maybe I need to make sure and name a brand as that could possibly affect the taste some. How well would it be after being frozen? Have you tried heating this up and melting the cheese? Keep an eye on your inbox for updates. I did the two cream cheeses, 1-8oz sour cream and the ranch packet, I put half the green onions, and the said amount of cheese then garnished with the rest!! Which herbs, and how much? Your email address will not be published. I hope you find a couple yummy recipes to try. Pour about 1/2 a beer into the bowl. Love that!! Subscribe to my newsletter and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for all of the latest updates. Feel free to mix by hand…. Thanks! This stuff is addicting! The irony here is that I don’t drink any beer – never have, never will, and I don’t like the taste one bit, but that doesn’t stand in the way of me making this Wisconsin beer dip, a game-day favorite. How to make Beer Dip. It’s completely addicting, and makes a huge amount for any get-together. We all loved it and I will definitely make it again!!! Hopefully I can remember next time . Or does it need to be warmed? Thank you sooooooooooo very much!! Does it stay thick enough to put on a platter or do you use some kind of casserole dish or pie pan? I would put it in a pie pan or casserole dish. I have made this three times now – everyone always love it! I have a homemade recipe on my site for the ranch mix Your email address will not be published. I am wondering if it’s with the beer that was used? Can this be made without the ranch seasoning? cheese in there and then the other 1 1/2 cups is sprinkled on top. His sister brought him some of this (he called it beer cheese) and shared it with me! I wonder if you can bake this…warm dip for those cold Wisconsin winters. How long can it last after we make it? Heartbreaking year for the Pack, but I have a good feeling about next year. Can’t wait to make it for the Super Bowl! Good, but it’s hard to mess anything up when you’re starting out with cream cheese and ranch seasoning. Found myself with everything BUT dry seasoning and wanted to make the dip without running to the store. How long does this dip last in the fridge? You will find it at almost all football gatherings, graduation parties or function requiring someone to bring a dish to pass. Recipe shows 1 min cooktime…but nothing in instructions about cooking? why did I find you AFTER I started this ridiculous diet?! I imagine the beer might cause it to crystallize if frozen…, I love this dip! It might get a little greasy though. Subscribe by email and receive my free challenge, 5 Days to Overcome Your Hospitality Woes,plus updates on new recipes, DIY tricks, frugal finds, and more! I may try and see what happens. Sorry for not clarifying. Beer dip is a tradition in Wisconsin. Thanks!! Do you have anything like that there, that is a substitute for RAnch salad dressing (but in a seasoning or mix form)? Has anyone ever served this hot? This is one of those “lick the bowl clean” recipes. Just made this for a Christmas party we are having tonight!! I’m Corey, and I’m so happy you’re here! I made this dip Monday for Christmas yesterday, and I have a good amount left over. you will burn many more calories, which means you can eat more beer dip Start by placing the 2 bricks of cream cheese in your mixing bowl. I just want to swing by and say I’ve made this a few days in advance and it was just as good as when I make it a night before. Next add your 2 cups of cheese and ranch mix. Serves: 6 people Serving Size: 1 cup Servings per Batch: 6. Learn how your comment data is processed. Being from Wisconsin originally myself, I’m definitely going to add this to my repertoire of dip recipes…. I made it again within the same week for another event and again – this was a real winner!! The only thing I can think of was that I used the Ranch “dip” dry mix instead of the Ranch “dressing” dry mix but I didn’t think it would make any difference. Being from Europe, I have no idea what the dry Ranch mix is. I think many like the sour cream/cream cheese mixture. Beer dip WITHOUT ranch packet - use dressing instead! I give her all the credit for the awesomeness! @Sarah, I love to have a wide selection of dip recipes each time we host a get-together. Then mix in 1/2 cup of cheese, leaving the remaining cheese to sprinkle on top. Feel free to mix by hand…. Check it out! Did you put in either two full blocks of cream cheese and carton of sour cream or three full cream cheeses? Ingredients: 20oz shredded Rotisserie Chicken (any chicken shredded or cubed will do really); 6-8oz Frank’s Hot Sauce (I use 8, you can always add more after it’s done); 8oz plain brick Cream Cheese (preferably softened); 16oz shredded Cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese blend No dumb questions here. I should have clarified. I used an electric stand mixer to mix up the dip. this is sooo going on my “cheat day”. Yes, it should be fine. I cannot wait to try this. Thank you! Refrigerated overnight to let the flavors marinade or at least 3 hours before. Mix cream cheese, sour cream, dressing, and beer til you reach your desired creamy consistency. I can’t wait to try this. And this Ranch Cheddar Beer Dip is one of my new favorites! The spicy chicken dip recipe that I have (which is extremely similar to this) gets heated in the microwave for a few minutes, then 1-minute increments, until it is bubbly around the edges. (tried their web site, wasn’t much help) Serve warm or cold, everyone will love this dip. Ingredients. or something else. Can’t wait to try it out. Now my readers know that they can nibble for days before the guests even come. Add all of the ingredients to a small bowl and stir well to combine. You just say “cheese”…cheddar? Feel free to mix by hand.... you will burn many more calories, which means you can eat more beer dip . Unsure from the posted recipe to cook or not, I placed in a microwave for 3 mins on Power 60. Start by placing the 2 bricks of cream cheese in your mixing bowl. Subscribe by email and receive my free challenge. , Yum! and shredded cheese is melted, but again, I have no idea how this would be. oops and I also used a Deschutes Black Porter…..So yummy!!! Then stirred and microwaved again for another 2 mins on Power 60. Hi Linda, in our old recipe card, and of the 0’s got changed to 1’s by mistake. This looks like a must have at a gathering. @Jen, this is the recipe i use to make homemade ranch, it’s about as close to Hidden Valley as I’ve found. What kind of dish do you put this in? Dumb question… Since you don’t heat this up, is it ok for kids to eat?? This is not a traditional beer cheese recipe, and I’m not sure that the beer really adds anything to the overall flavor – sort of an afterthought to a classic party dip mix. Just a dash of beer mixed into this recipe adds an unbelievably unique flavor. I am so glad to know your mom and to subscribe to your blog! I don’t know if you taught your mom how to cook or if she taught you, but both of you are awesome cooks! I “think” they told what they did. Thanks for asking. My dear friend Beth introduced me to this dip. introduced me to this dip. I was looking at a few different beer cheese recipes but this seems like the best one. As soon as I get home I am going to make this!! OMG so delish! I had plans to use the leftover to stuff panko breaded chicken… but there wasn’t any left. Mix cream cheese, sour cream, dressing, and beer til you reach your desired creamy consistency. Born and raised in Wisconsin, known for their cheese, beer and Packers, I would be remiss to not share this amazing Beer Dip recipe that my sister in law introduced me too. Beer Cheese Cheese Dips Cheddar Cheese Appetizer Dips Appetizer Recipes Fun Appetizers Beer Dip Cheese Dip Recipes Sauce Recipes. We tried this dip at a few weeks ago when my family went out to dinner, it was a hit there…I hope its just as good cold as it was warm…Thanks so much for sharing this,,,I will keep you updated on weather or not they like it…. At first I was reluctant but I will try anything once and I loved it!! I will make sure to get that one changed to 0 cook time now. She IS amazing Hey, maybe the Beer Dip could make an appearance at your LFD? I think this dip has a lot of potential if I can just get it to be a lot less salty . Check out my Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe (be prepared to lick the the bowl clean) or Best Cheese Ball Recipes Ever.

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