bioshock 2 walkthrough

Gathering here should be easy thanks to the two Security Devices. Now we recommend hugging the left wall just inside the doorway for cover, then peeking around it just far enough to target a single enemy at a time with the old 'shock and shoot' combo. Effect: Slightly increases the Research score while using the Research Camera. Now we found the best way to tackle the Big Daddy was to climb onto the roof of the central dining area via the wooden ramp. Now that you've loaded up on Eve, continue onward to the glowing vending machine in Plasmid Therapies just ahead. Follow the Quest Arrow into an area containing The Limbo Room. Next, upgrade the Shotgun's damage output. The easiest way to defeat him is to use the Freeze Plasmid (if you have it, and the Eve to spare) to freeze him in place, then just drill him for several seconds, repeating as necessary. Loot everything and then follow the Quest Arrow into Grace Holloway's apartment. This Plasmid really shines during ADAM-gathering sessions and other prolonged battles. Grab both items, then head across the apartment and up the makeshift ramp. Inside you'll find some lootable Lockers, some Rivets, and an Audio Diary. Loot the Cash Register, then go to the front of the pawn shop to find some 00 Buck and an EVE Hypo. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Ryan Amusements onward for 25 ADAM. Prepare to sit back and watch a quick show on-stage, but be ready for the "volunteers" to attack. Exit the train and follow the Quest Arrow through a series of rooms, but make sure to grab the Damage Research tonic from the wagon in the third room. Big Sister corpses always contain 40 ADAM, many Dollars, and either a First Aid Kit or an EVE Hypo. Like usual, the freezing plasmid will be your best friend here. Back in the main hallway, inch forward to see a Splicer kneeling in a puddle of water. Inch forward, and a Leadhead Splicer will start shooting you from the balcony across the room. Max out research on all 9 research subjects. Electro Bolt the one ahead at a distance and run up and melee him while he's stunned for a quick kill, then immediately turn right and shock and melee another. Find all 14 Power to the People weapon upgrades in the game. As you enter Little Eden Plaza, you'll find a Big Daddy going at it with some Splicers--leave them alone for now so that the Big Daddy is weakened, but also wipes out the Splicers for you. In here, you'll see a Turret, a Safe, and an Audio Diary. on February 3, 2012 at 3:05PM PST. Switch to Heavy Rivets, then return to the entrance of the hall. Simon Wells is waiting for you on the lower level of this room, but he'll try and target you regardless. Oh, there's also an explosive cannister just right of the camera that will set off a chain reaction inflicting massive damage--just be careful as it might destroy your droid buddies too! Hit the glowing Switch to proceed to the game's next level. From the Circus of Values, look left to see a flower shop being watched by a Security Camera. The first Little Sister Gift also contains a Gene Tonic that increases the amount of ADAM that ADAM Corpses yield from 40 ADAM to 60 ADAM. Hack all three machines. Lamb's final assault consists of throwing as many enemies as she can your way, but truthfully, it's not really anything you haven't seen before. You'll find a Circus of Values, an El Ammo Bandito, and a shimmering ADAM Corpse. I've also put many icons onto them, increasing their informational value. There's also an ADAM Corpse nearby. Next, head down the path to your right to find a lootable Storage Crate, an Audio Diary, an EVE Hypo, and a Shotgun. Effect: Permanently increases your maximum Health capacity. Grab the key from the very same console (yeah, that console's multi-purpose), then follow the Quest Arrow to the airlock and venture back onto the ocean floor. In the case of the Hall of the Future, you can hack a turret in the room ahead from the entrance which will clear out the enemies for you. If you don't have the Freeze plasmid, consider staying up on the balcony and shocking him from afar. The path to your right leads to an EVE Hypo, some .50 Caliber Rounds, and a lootable Storage Crate. Hack the El Ammo Bandito and the Health Station. Upon entering, Eleanor will contact you. Nevertheless, this might be my second-favorite Plasmid in the game. Once the Brute Splicer is dead, look in the apartment to your right to find an ADAM Corpse. Now that you've learned the Drill Dash, follow the Quest Arrow back to Sinclair Deluxe, where your path was first blocked. To the right of the “Power to the People” station is a Circus of Values, an Audio Diary, and some Dollars. Past the door, make a right to find a vending machine (don't forget to hack it for a free first aid kit! Next to the Turret is a box of .50 Caliber Rounds and a lootable Storage Crate. Start recording, then lure the Brute Splicer into the puddle. Once you've engaged him in battle, strafe along the roof to evade his attacks, and use the nearby objects (such as the Neon sign) for cover. These fireballs can be returned via Telekinesis. Once you have, the door will open, exposing a Splicer on the other side (there's another out of sight to his left).

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