batter for fish

DIRECTIONS. A friend of mine gave me this recipe. Anyway, it is the best Regular batters are too loose to set before they drip off and pool under the fish, leaving one side partially coated and the other practically naked. Don't worry, the classic meal is easy to whip up at home yourself. Great for camping! Can't be bothered to go to the chippie? This batter recipe is good for seafood like fish, shrimp, hush puppies, tofu. Use to coat Here's a recipe to make beer-battered fish. 9 min. Battered fish and ovens usually don't get along well. Sift dry ingredients. You can also add spices or seasonings to it if you wish; Make sure the fish or shrimp are patted dry on both sides. Add water and mix well. This amazingly easy recipe uses instant pancake mix to make a beer batter for fresh fish. This is important so you won't end up with soggy fried fish or shrimp. FISH AND CHIPS is a favourite amongst Brits. Not sure exactly where it came from. This fish batter made with dark beer - like stout or Toohey's Old - is perfect for all kinds of fish! Recipe by: Rhiannon Pancake Beer Batter for Fish 45 reviews . I guess it originated from someone's nan. You can get around this problem by borrowing a technique from the frozen-food industry.

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